When “Gwapulis” Neil Perez was in Seoul

Mister International 2014 was held in South Korea in February 2015. That was the year Mariano Perez Flormata Jr. aka Neil Perez was in town for the competition. He won deservedly won the title beating other good-looking hunks from different countries. Through the invitation of Ms. Dawn and Ms. Gennie, we were able to meet and talk to Neil Perez before the competition. He and the other candiates were billeted at Benikea CS Hotel.

Neil Perez has seriously dreamy eyes. He was so humble and very pleasant to talk to. He said that he wanted to be a policeman to follow in his father’s footsteps. Being a law enforcer is his first priority in spite of all the modeling jobs offered to him.

Neil Perez in Seoul
Neil Perez in Seoul

Ms. Gennie Kim had the chance to interview him for her radio program Multicultural Family Music and he gamely answered all her questions.


After Neil Perez won the title “Mister International”, we again had the chance to meet him at a dinner party with a few Filipino community leaders. He was even more dashing that time ~


After his stint as “Mister International”, he acted on GMA 7’s Princess in the Palace with Rhyzza Mae and Regine Velasquez. The show concluded last June.

It has been a year since we met Neil Perez here in Seoul, but I was reminded of that yesterday when he was all over my Facebook news feed! My former classmates were gushing over him 🙂

With Neil Perez ~
With Neil Perez ~

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