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Korean expats in the Philippines 27

Korean expats in the Philippines

What are the Korean expats doing in the Philippines?… that was the question posted by an OP in PEx. When I was in the Philippines, there was a thriving community of Koreans in my...

happy birthday kikay! 2

happy birthday kikay!

Kikay was born on September 26, 1998 in northeastern Ohio. Her real name is Leilani Mae and she’s my elder sister’s first born. I first met her when they traveled to the Philippines in...

Filipina charged for murder in Singapore 1

Filipina charged for murder in Singapore

This is the title of a thread in Pinoyexchange that caught my attention. I thought it was an old thread revived or bumped just for fun. Unfortunately, it’s for real and I was saddened...

downloading — the Korean way 12

downloading — the Korean way

While the the rest of the world uses P2P programs like eDonkey, Kazaa, Bearshare, Limewire, Bittorrent as well as dc++ to download files, the Koreans do it differently and probably more efficiently with Clubbox....

31 stab wounds and out of danger! 2

31 stab wounds and out of danger!

This is the kind of news I don’t often hear in Korea, but they do happen… and when they do, it’s really a big news. It’s sad to know that there are people who...

suicide… live! 4

suicide… live!

Got this from Chosun Online and it’s currently the most viewed story… Woman Witnesses Boyfriend’s Suicide Live on Webcam A university student hanged himself in full view of his girlfriend abroad, to whom he...

two for the road 0

two for the road

While taking a break from my nightly telephone chats, I heard a familiar tune from the television. A guitar duo were playing the music of the song “Two for the road”… it reminded me...

The tree in Ildong 8

The tree in Ildong

This is something you don’t see everyday. Most of the time trees are cut during construction. In this case, the road is built around the tree. Tree lives. Along road 47 in Ildong, Gyeonggido.

Sexy dance contest 3

Sexy dance contest

And you think that Koreans are very conservative…? That’s what I thought before since you don’t usually see people kissing on “koreanovelas”. Then I got here and saw some of Kim Ki-duk’s movies, celebrity...