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Why Seoul stinks in the fall

True story ~ as I was walking to work last Friday afternoon I felt something hit my head. When I looked at the ground, it was the fruit of a gingko tree. Luckily it...


Junk food backpack in Korea (과방)

Have you seen photos of Korean school girls carrying packages of junk food shaped and worn like backpacks? I haven’t seen one personally but I saw a few photos online like the one below:...

third most expensive city in the world 6

third most expensive city in the world

Last year, Seoul ranked second to Moscow as the most expensive city in the world. This year, it is now “just” third. I’m not familiar with the methods used for ranking cities, but I...

materialistic? 0


I took this very long personality test and was quite surprised with the result. Materialistic? Who, me? Guess I better take the test again… There are other personality tests on the website “Similar Minds”...

The tree in Ildong 8

The tree in Ildong

This is something you don’t see everyday. Most of the time trees are cut during construction. In this case, the road is built around the tree. Tree lives. Along road 47 in Ildong, Gyeonggido.

Couple clothes: cute or corny? 6

Couple clothes: cute or corny?

Couples here in Korea often show their “coupleness” by wearing the same shirt. You see newly married couples wearing the same shirts at the airport. You walk along Myeongdong and you see more couples....

Fan death 0

Fan death

Have you ever heard of fan death? It’s now really summer! Today, the temperature registered at 32 degrees centigrade in Seoul. That’s like an ordinary afternoon in the Philippines. The problem with hot weather...