How we celebrate New Year in Korea and the Philippines

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  1. Thanks for a very detailed article about New Year celebration in Korea and Philippines. I really feel homesick right now. I think the New Year’s Traditions in Korea can only be felt if you’re part of a Korean family. If you’re here without any relatives, there’s no keunjib to visit. I use Seollal to travel.
    I miss the media noche, and all the round fruits set in our table. I just noticed that I’m wearing a polka dots longsleeves right now. HAHAHA! Happy New Year ate! <3

  2. Jackie says:

    Happy new year! Great post! It made me miss the Philippines. But you’re right. The Korean New Year is also quite festive in its own way. 🙂
    I was wondering, does that mean you’re also a Filipino-Chinese? I ask because you also often wear red for the celebration and you also prepare seven types of round fruits for the holiday. 🙂

  3. Steven says:

    As I am a complete and total culture enthusiast, I greatly appreciate this post. It’s always really neat to read about how people in different places celebrate the same holidays.

    Question: why was it mandatory in your household to wear a new dress with polka dot design, new shoes, and coins in your pocket? And furthermore, if you were wearing a dress, did you even have pockets to put the coins in?

  4. Jennifer says:

    Happy new year Miss Betchay!

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