Journey in Seoul

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  1. Lindsay @ The Neverending Wanderlust says:

    That’s SO AWESOME that you get to see one of your all-time favorite bands come to Korea! Very glad you found out about the show before it sold out too. I know exactly what it feels like to see your fav group play, and it’ll truly be an experience of a lifetime. I hope you have a fantastic time ^^

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow Ms Betchay! Rakista ka pala, hindi halata. Hehe. I’m also a fan of these bands that you mentioned. Enjoy the concert! 🙂

  3. Hard core fan alert! I only know “Faithfully”, and “Don’t Stop Believing”. LOL. I’m glad that you’re able to buy a ticket. Good thing it wasn’t like the Coldplay tickets which was sold in few minutes. Have a great time at the concert! <3

  4. Rocio Cadena says:

    How exciting!!! I hope the concert is everything you want and more! Seeing legendary musicians live is such an amazing and unforgettable experience. I went to Bonnaroo last year and saw both Billy Joel & Robert Plant. Both were incredible performances!!

  5. weegypsygirl says:

    Aw so cool that you get to see one of your favourite bands here in Korea. I wonder what the atmosphere will be like compared to a concert back home! Enjoy the concert!

  6. Don’t stop Believing has to be one of the best classic songs out there. It was introduced to me by a roommate from my university and it basically became our summer jam at that time. I hope you have a blast at their concert!

  7. I didn’t know that Journey was touring again! I am a fan, but only by proxy as my parents constantly played their albums while I was growing up haha. Glad you have the awesome opportunity to get to see your favorite band play live!

  8. Jackie says:

    How cool! My hubby is a big fan of Western singers in the 80’s as well, and I bet he’d know this group. It is also strange that they didn’t post this on their own group. If you think about it,some other fans might be missing this opportunity for that same reason! It’s a good thing you’re sharing it on your blog. That way more people can find this! Hope it attracts the attention of its fans in Korea! 🙂

  9. Ha that’s awesome! First.. who in Korea is NOT a Journey fan??! Their music is always on the must play list at the noraebang. I love me some Journey… oh how I wish Koreans babysat so I could go. -_-

  10. Mike Ohr says:

    Nice Betchay! I also reserved tickets for the Seoul concert and cannot wait. It should be an awesome show. By the way, have you received you tix yet in the mail. I’m still waiting for mine..not sure why the delay. Anyway enjoy the show!

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