Coldplay in Seoul vs Coldplay in Manila

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  1. Angel says:

    Hi, really great post for Coldplay fans. Thanks! 😊 I am from the Philippines and wants to watch the concert in Korea, instead. Do you know how will I be able to buy? Hoping that I can still buy even if I’m from here in Manila, Ph. Thanks! 😊

  2. Coco Cruz says:

    Thanks so much for this, very informative! 🙂 I signed up for websites of both interpark and yes24, but I don’t have a Hyundai card so hopefully, there will be tickets left for online selling on the 24th. Really planning to go back to Korea in April! 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    When they say Nov 23, 12:00 pm when is that exactly? Is it 12 noon as in after 11:59 am or is to 12:00 midnight after 11:59pm of Nov 22?

  4. B. Duterte says:

    Anyone here knows anyone with a Hyundai card? It would be best to catch the ticket pre-sale before tickets get (heaven forbid) sold out on the first few hours of November 24. Ugh. And oh, thanks Betchay for this article!

  5. Cherry Blair says:

    Hi, anyone of you know where I can buy tickets for coldplay concert in korea? or someone who can buy a ticket for me 🙁

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Cherry! Just online. I will try to buy tickets on Thursday since I’m taking my son to the concert. I just hope there will be tickets left for us.

  6. Ingui says:

    I was about to buy the tickets when the website got so many errors. I even couldn’t reserve the seats! And now, koreans are selling the tix for double or triple the price! Insane!

  7. Jesse says:

    Were you able to get tickets? Interpark did not allow me to pick seats and when I was able to get to Yes24, all seats were already picked out by someone else before me (that’s what the prompt message said). In a matter of minutes, everything was sold out.

  8. Ria says:

    Hi Betchay! Were you able to buy concert tickets for S. Korea Coldplay tour?

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