Korean committed suicide at NAIA

The breaking news on July 21st is that of a Korean committing suicide at NAIA.

The man in his 50s was denied entry by the immigration officials at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA when he tried to get into the country from Taiwan. We first saw it reported by GMA News but they didn’t give a background on the man who was denied entry. His lifeless body was found inside the restroom of the Exclusion Room at the Immigration Center. He was supposed to be escorted by members of the Korean law enforcement on a flight back to Korea.

NAIA Terminal 3
NAIA Terminal 3

From Interaksyon:

Morente said An Sang Kwan, 50, was found dead in the toilet of the exclusion room of Terminal 3 where he hanged himself with a bag strap.

Initial investigation showed the Korean took his own life several hours after immigration officials turned him over to the custody of security personnel, who then brought him to the exclusion room to await his flight to Korea.

The Philippine news outlets named the Korean, while his name is not mentioned in Korean news. He was convicted in Chuncheon (a city 2 hours from Seoul) in August 2012 for fraud and sentenced to three years in prison. He fled to the Philippines as a tourist and overstayed so he was listed on the BOI’s blacklist.

On Facebook today, a photo of his body as found inside the restroom has been posted. I purposely blurred out the photo but the unedited version can be found on Facebook.

As posted on Facebook of the Korean man
As posted on Facebook of the Korean man

He used the hook and a bag strap to “hang” himself, but the photo also caught the attention of netizens and it brought out their CSI skills. Valid observations or wild imaginations?

Valid observation?
Valid observation?



Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. A few months ago, a young man who committed suicide did not only kill himself but another person as well when he landed on him.

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