Can EPS workers invite their families to Korea?

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  1. MK says:

    Hello Mam! Tanong ko Lang po. Na file na yung application ko for Korean visa but I declared that my husband is an EPS E-9 Visa holder. Wala na Po bang chance na ma approve ako since nag submit lahat ako ng complete requirements ko. Thanks po. God bless.

  2. Majo says:

    To MK:
    I’m planning to go to korea to. My husband is eps E-9 Visa holder also. Ask ko lng po na grant po ba visa nyo nung sinabi nyo na nagwowork dun husband nyo? Thanks po

  3. Chai says:

    my husband is an EPS worker in Korea. The first time I applied, I was approved kasi single pako nun. nakapunta akong Korea without any problem.

    The 2nd application when I updated my status to married, they asked me where my husband is. I told them that he’s working there. They asked for my husband’s ID at yun nga denied. Marami ng tatak ang passport ko pro denied parin nung nalaman nilang EPS worker.. too bad dapat hinde ko sainabe na nagwowork xa dun 🙁 Planning to apply this Spring.. duno if makalusot

    • Betchay says:

      Hi! Good luck on your trip. In the next EPS MOU, I hope our leaders could suggest to allow EPS workers to allow them to invite their immediate family.

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