Home Country Visit for Multicultural Families

Korea Airports Corporation (한국공항공사) is sponsoring a “Home Country Visit for Multicultural Families”

Screencap from News1
Screencap from News1

Eligible applicants should come from the following countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand

The marriage immigrant should not have traveled to her home country within the past two years.

Each family shall include a maximum of four members:
~ with the Korean husband, marriage immigrant, their children and parents-in-law
(example: Korean husband, marriage immigrant and two kids OR Korean husband, marriage immigrant, 1 child and 1 parent-in-law

Living expenses per family: 500,000 won

Departure Dates:
October 15 ~ Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand (40 families)
November 12 ~ Vietnam and Philippines (60 families)

Days of visit: 9N/10D or 14N/15D (N~ nights and D-days)

Application deadline: September 11

Where to apply: Yangcheon-gu Multicultural Family Center

Please ask about “다문화가정모국방문”

Contact number: 02-2699-6900

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  • August 30, 2015 at 3:08 am

    S amin kz,nun,,,cla n po,bhala s ticket,,,,peo ung allowance lng po ung s atin,,,,,un po pagkakaalam ko po


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