Filipino restaurant in Seoul: DEL MONTE

This is my second feature on Filipino restaurants in Seoul. A few years ago, I posted about KUSINA Restaurant located in Haebangcheon. Angela Sawyer told me about it in an email. I have been there only once and it was a good experience.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many decent Filipino restaurants in Korea. Oh how I miss “Pinoy Pinay” in West Covina. We were there several times last summer and I so miss their halo-halo.

When I’m craving for Filipino food, I do one of the following: go to Hyewha (if it’s a Sunday), cook my own Filipino dish or go to The 601 Habit headquarters 😀

One restaurant in Hyewha that I go to is DEL MONTE. As far as I know, the restaurant has been in operation before I even came here but it was only this year that I got to try their food.


DEL MONTE is open only on Sundays. It is located in Hyewha-dong, beside Korea Exchange Bank. Just find the Police Station at Hyewha-dong Rotary then enter that street and walk straight until you find Korea Exchange Bank.

Del Monte Restaurant in Hyewa
Del Monte Restaurant in Hyewa

DEL MONTE is a turo-turo style restaurant so don’t expect a fancy interior. Most of the food they serve are meat based ~ from menudo to kare-kare. They do have a few veggie dishes like chopsuey and pinakbet. Since the owner and the staff are all from Pampanga, the dishes are Cabalen style ~ which is perfect for a “Cabalen” like moi. Oh how I hate sisig with mayo ~ and I’m glad Del Monte prepares sisig the original way.

Friendly Cabalen staff at Del Monte
Friendly Cabalen staff at Del Monte

I highly recommend their chicharong bulaklak, lechon kawali, menudo, kare-kare and of course ~ sisig. Dishes we call in Pampanga as “putok-batok” 😀


Food in Del Monte is quite cheap ~ you get to choose 3 viands and a serving of rice for only 6,000 won. After the Mass at around 3 pm, buffet is offered at only 10,000 won per person. Better visit DEL MONTE before noon as the place is usually packed at this time. I once visited the place at one o’clock in the afternoon and they already sold out their food.

Lunching at Del Monte
Lunching at Del Monte

So see you at Del Monte one Sunday 😀

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