Unfair treatment of foreign farm workers in Korea

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4 Responses

  1. danessa says:

    I think something should also be done about the policies of the workers’ home countries – they need to be more protective of the citizens. This reminds me of the Mail Order Bride Law – and the subsequent tightening of marriage license requirements – back home because of domestic abuse suffered by Filipino wives in their adoptive countries. I think Cambodia, Philippines, etc. can lobby and twist Korea’s arm for more protectionist policies. IF not for the workers, a crisis is inevitable in this land of kimchi and kim.

  2. If a foreign worker complains won’t they tell him or her go back to their homeland if they can’t “fit in”?

    • Betchay says:

      Foreign workers have rights too. I remember last summer, a lawmaker made an informal survey on the conditions of the EPS workers. Hopefully, they could make some revisions to protect the rights of the foreign workers.

  3. mabel says:

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