Starstruck in Korea: Korean Celebrities

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  1. Sweet_Goguma says:

    hopefully, if ever I’m on a trip in korea, i can bump into Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Eun Hye, Song hye kyo and my fave running mam cast and a lot more..hehehe..
    BTW, Ms. Betchay, so envious of your picture with Yoo Ah In..i love him in the drama Ok Jung Live in Love..

    • Betchay says:

      Last year, three friends visited in Korea and they didn’t know where to go to see celebs. I told them to go to Seoul Fashion Awards… they entered and saw G-Dragon and Jung Woo Sung like a foot away… I was envious!

      • Sweet_Goguma says:

        Of all BIGBANG members, i liked GD the most..! Definitely when giving a chance to visit Korea, i will find a way to see a kpop celebrity, hehehe..pag kasi may concert/fan meeting sila dito sa pinas, sobrang dami tao..VIP ticket were so expensive na din..

  2. rachelle says:

    wow… i enjoyed reading your blog, i can say that you really enjoy living in Korea….I just wanna ask because many are saying that it’s so expensive to live in Seoul, is it true???? Is Jeon Ji Hyun really that gorgeous and tall how about Kim Soo Hyun??? They’re my favorite among Korean Actors and hoping that i can meet them in person someday. Tnx!!!

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