Foreign mom, Korean norms

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story Miss Betchay:)

  2. January says:

    oh the elders and their post-pregnancy rituals 🙂 my mom did not tell me not to take a bath but advised to do it in the afternoon so that it’s not too cold. she’s afraid of “pasma” or “binat.” i didn’t listen 😛 surprisingly, the first time i had a massage after giving birth, the therapist asked whether i just gave birth because she felt a lot of tightness on my back — something she said that could have been the result of “binat.” weird but seems like the elders make sense haha 🙂

  3. no filipino language for your son?

  4. Aj says:

    Even for younger Koreans, it’s difficult to satisfy older Korean people’s beliefs (like no showers after giving birth) based on their superstitions. This is a good reason why most Korean couples do not live with their parents or their in-laws, or at least do not wish to.

  5. I remember at the 산후조리원 where I stayed before the caretaker there saw me refilling my waterbottle with cold water. She was told me not to drink cold water(I think she said something about heart attack hehehe). And she also noticed that I wasn’t wearing thick long socks, she told me to always wear socks and wrap my neck with a handkerchief. Gosh, it was already 29 degrees inside the 산후조리원! hahaha (feeling ko tuloy para akong tinapa non, hindi makaligo tapos init na init pa hehe)

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