Baeksang Awards 2014

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  1. Elyoka says:

    /// when he’s the reason I opened an account with Hana Bank γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹/// hahaha, I hope it did worth it ))

  2. Seok Ji Song says:

    Thank you for posting an article about the baeksang awards 2014. I loved the photos you have uploaded.Like you I am an avid fan of Kim Soo Hyun Oppa and The Hallyu Goddess Jeon Ji Hyun..Hope to see both of them in person also. Thank you again for always keeping us updated with the latest happenings there in South Korea. Reading your blog is like being in South Korea already.God bless you and your family always!Aja!Aja!

  3. abeee says:

    Hi. I love visiting your buhay korea site. I like reading them. Is lee minho super guapo in person? You’ve seen him many times?

  4. abee2014 says:

    You’re from angeles pala. And now in seoul. Wow. U live near lee minho place? Hehe. So how are they treating you in seoul? I hope I’ll get to visit seoul and jeju island one day. Pero mukang mahirap kumuha ng visa.

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