Real Men speak Tagalog

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  1. foxylady says:

    nakakatuwa naman! sarap na sarap sila sa manga lalo na si Chun Jung-Myun! hehehe! I love Kim Su-ro since Family Outing, nakakatawa talaga sya!

  2. Eden says:

    Had fun watching this show! Can’t wait for the next episode. =)

  3. wineokkeoya says:

    I don’t really watch Real Men coz I can’t find a subbing team who subs this weekly unlike Running Man and other k-variety shows but I was aware that they went to Tacloban to help. I was glad that it was already aired last week! I immediately looked for the raw videos of this episode and watched it eventho I can’t understand that much πŸ™ I hoped someone sub this episode & the upcoming episode & I keep looking and waiting until today πŸ™ sigh~ The episode is so heartwarming~ I also felt really bad for the people in Tacloban and I salute the Real Men staffs to come and help~ One of my episode scene was that when the boys told Henry about their parents buried in the church until they went to their house, it was really heartbreaking and I cant help but to shed tears.. I am also excited for the episode today!! Def gonna watch it πŸ˜€

  4. arabawi says:

    that is amazing

  5. May I know what episodes these were shown? Thanks

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