Korean-Filipino child discrimination in school?

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  1. Dianemin85 says:

    We first came to korea last year, my daughter was 5 years old then and have no knowledge of korean language. I was worried that my daughter would be discriminated in school since the only language that she can speak is English plus she is the only half korean kid in the entire school. But turned out, she’s loved by everyone in her class. the teacher even made a survey to each student whom they like most the in class, and majority of them chose my daughter. She is labeled as “everyone’s best friend”. And funny thing is as early as now, some pure korean young boys are wooing my daughter. Some boys would give her candies everyday, hug her or steal a kiss.. haha Just after one year in kindergarten my daughter can speak korean fluently, as well as she is the best English speaker in her class. We shouldn’t focus on the negativity of our kids being half Korean. Our children have more edge than pure Korean kids if we have the patience to guide and teach them to be the best.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Diane! Thanks for your input. My parents-in-law used to have the same worry ~ that the Korean kids might not accept him because he’s 다문화 ~ but all our fears were just fears. My son is thriving well at school. He has friends who come over to our house. He already had two girlfriends ~ hehehe. He doesn’t speak straight English but he’s very confident ~ sometimes too confident.

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