“Touch Love” from The Master’s Sun

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  1. Riza says:

    Bought this on iTunes as soon as it came out even though I don’t understand Korean. I love The Master’s Sun. Yoon Mi Rae is such a talent. Not only can she rap, she’s a great singer, too!

  2. pepe says:

    Hello kababayan! Bakit Betchay ang name mo. A bit shy ka ba?:)

  3. xiandi says:

    I just love So Ji Sub.. and touch love has been my ringtone and alarm tone since the day I heard it in Masters’ Sun..it’s too viral that in our office before it ends last week, most of my office mates call each other Bang Shil for fun ^__^

  4. Kath says:

    I will surely miss this drama such great chemistry on So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. Hope to see more drama with the two of them together. I agree, love the song as soon as I heard it I already checked online for the video.

    • Betchay says:

      LSS… it reminds me of the theme song of “All About Eve” which was in my mind for months!!!
      I will miss Seo Ji Sub… I hope it won’t take a long time before we see him again.

      • justine says:

        Hello po ate Betchay! Hmm ndi nyo pa po nareread past emails ko πŸ™ sorry po nangungulit lng πŸ™‚ malapit na po kasi yung England trip namin πŸ™‚ hope to hear from you soonest! πŸ˜€

      • cher says:

        I super like him too kkk ang gwapo lalaking lalaki hahaha

  5. cher says:

    Oh i love seo jisub…he is the MAN! Kkk i like the drama but how i wish they hired a different actress not because she couldn’t act but because she doesn’t look good with seo jisub kkk

  6. sue says:

    I love Soji-sub! twas nice to read about the master’s sun here.
    Sexy nman kase ni joojoowon two three e πŸ˜›
    The lead actress might not be a beauty like other kactresses
    but she has her own charm especially when she is smiling and
    acting with sjs.

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