Chuseok: Before, During and After

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  1. elyoka says:

    Do you still go to ancestors graves (province) even though you have shifted celebration of chuseok to soul?

    When i travelled to seoul i saw many ready wrapped presents for chuseok. Mainly socks ) of all possible nice gifts, why socks?! )

    Thanks for the post. As usual – very interesting! Does your family read your blog?

  2. mayee says:

    I had fun reading this;p

  3. Chuseok sounds like a lot of work. But I would still like to spend it with my boyfriend’s family. This is third year in a row he’s having Chuseok without me in Korea and I’m in Europe.

  4. Web Henyo says:

    Among the foods mentioned, songpyeon, kimchi, chicken (is it the samgyetang?) are some of which i had tried. 😀

  5. Nice, very lovely post about family bonding and for telling the pros and cons of “Chuseok” . While reading your post, I feel hungry looking at the pic of your food for dinner. Sigh, wish I can try it too. Anyway Thanks for the lovely post Mabuhay!

  6. Min says:

    Hello Betchay!! ^ ^

    Wow, all the good food & bonding time!! ^ ^ Glad you enjoyed your Chuseok break!! ^~^

    Just replied your mail!! ^ ^
    Best regards!!

  1. September 6, 2014

    […] This is my 12th Chuseok and I’m not going to post about what we do during Chuseok. I did that several times already and last year, I posted about what happens before, during and after Chuseok. […]

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