Expensive private kindergartens in Korea

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  1. Web Henyo says:

    wow. grabe. mas mahal pa sa nagpapacollege. buong kabuhayan mo na yan kung dito sa Pilipinas. 🙁

  2. ivy says:

    i love your new blog’s design. it’s more well organized this time. i usually read your blog whenever i want to update myself about korea. thanks for the updates!!!

  3. dudz says:

    Meron ba schools for special kids who have developmental delays like autism?

    • Betchay says:

      Yes. At my son’s school, there is a division for special children. At our apartment, there is a special child (14 years old with autism) living on the first floor and he goes to a special school. They also receive subsidy from the government.

  4. Sorry to say most of the Korean Private School, College & Universities are very much commercial. Would like to say the authority taking it as business and that’s why students suffering some issue. I think government directly should take some steps.

    • Betchay says:

      I really can’t judge as I’ve only attended one university here and it was only for a short-term course. Anyway, there is a mentality here that if it’s expensive it must be good…

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