Replacing Organ Transplants with Organ Regeneration

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  1. Charina says:

    Dear Betchay,

    I am sorry if this is out of topic, as i do not know where to post this.
    Miss Betchay, i hope you can help my brother who is now working in a factory in Seoul. He has been experiencing skin allergies (hives) for unknown reason and that’s giving him a hard time to work. He asked if i could send him some medicines for his allergies so i bought some but unfortunately, when i went to the post office hoping i could send them, the officer was asking for a doctor’s prescription from Korea which i do not have.

    Miss Betchay, may i ask if you know any medicines that he can buy in Korea? An ointment or any medicine that he could take to ease the rashes in his skin. When he was still here, he used to take iterax (Generic Name: hydroxyzine hydrochloride) Thanks in advance. It will be a big help for my brother.

    More power to your blog Miss Betchay.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Charina! I think it’s best that he go to a doctor. It will only cost him 1,500-2500 won. The doctor could give him an injection and prescribe the appropriate medicine. If he couldn’t speak Korean, just ask him to show his skin. OR he could go to any pharmacy and ask for a medicine for his skin. It will cost him less than 10,000 won, but going to the doctor is cheaper.

      Anyway, medicines that contain the ingredient you wrote are: 유시락스 (yoo-si-raks), 아디팜 (a-di-pam), 센티락스 (sen-ti-raks)

      • Charina says:

        Hi Miss Betchay,

        Thank you so much for the response. Yes, you are right and i also told him that it is best for him to see a doctor. Anyway, i will tell him about those drugs that you listed, and maybe he can try to purchase in the nearest drug store to his workplace. I actually told him a lot of times already to try to drop by a drugstore and just show his skin to the pharmacist, but he kept on telling me that drugstores are far from he works. I think he’s just shy to ask.

        I want to thank you again Miss Betchay and wishing you, your baby and your Korean husband a beautiful life together in Korea, may He bless you abundantly too. Take care always. 🙂

        • maria carmela d. alincomot says:

          Hello,Miss Betchay! I just want to ask some help about getting a teaching job here in Korea. I am a BEED graduate with specialization in elementary English and I am almost done with my Masters Degree in the Philippines this March 2014 major in Linguistics. My experience regarding ESL teaching is for more than three years however, I do not have much sources and references of applying for a job. Do you think I qualify for the standards of teaching here? I have an F6 visa and I have just arrived here last June 17 ,2013. I have already received my Alien Card. It has been three weeks that I am here and it seems I miss working since I left alone most of the time in our house because my husband is working. We already talked about it and if I get into a job, there will be no problem because I will be into teaching English. I will take advantage of this time of having a job because we do not have babies yet. I hope you could give me more information. Looking forward to hearing from you soon..

          • Betchay says:

            Hi Maria! If you want to work in hagwons, try to apply to them directly. If you have a Masters degree, you might be able to apply for jobs at universities. You’ve been here for only three weeks, enjoy your free time first. Try to explore your neighborhood and learn Korean while you’re applying for jobs. Don’t worry ‘coz with your qualification, it wouldn’t take time before you could get your first job here. You might also want to visit the site and apply for jobs there.

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