Scholarship in Korea: 2014 Art Major

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9 Responses

  1. richel says:

    Pa share po ate..thanks for this info..

  2. Ms. Betchay, san ka po nakakakuha ng ganitong info. I will might as well check it more often baka may offer for scholarship in line with my iinterest

  3. flora may tormis says:

    Is the submission still on going? I am really willing to apply. Pls help

  4. thavika says:

    I am interested this page… I want to study in korea by scholarship …so how can inapply? How can i know more information.?

  5. kirstine rae ong says:

    Hello! anhyeonghaseyo!My name is Kirstine Rae Ong and I’m from Philippines. I really wanted to study Korean language and also more about their culture. I fell in love with their culture while watching their dramas and listening to their music. Can someone help me find a scholarship program for me able to study, understand and be fluently spoke Korean..

  6. Blessie says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay, me and my fiancee are holding residence visa dito sa UAE,and we’re planning to move in Korea for work, but I think we have to enter in Korea as student’s visa.

    At the same time, we can also work right? Our worries are the expenses for studying, since we only finished two years course in Phils. we are not yet considered as professionals, so maybe we will gonna take the undergraduate program (since it’s the only option I think HAHA.) our worry is yung sa expenses at tuition fees. Can we get scholarship for universities in Seoul? Thanks. We are planning to apply early next year.Thanks!

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Blessie! There are scholarships for undergraduate program but there is also an age limit in the application. Also, you might need to take 1 year of Korean language course before you could take an undergraduate course. If you come in as tourists, you will need to go back to the Philippines to apply for the appropriate visa. With the student visa, you are only allowed to work part-time.

  7. itsmeowdri says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if you studied the korean language before you applied for a scholarship. I am planning to apply for a Master’s Degree for Visual Arts and I am wondering if they accept applicants who only knew how to read basic hangul and if they allow applicants to study the language in the country at the same time taking your degree? Thank you!

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