Wanted: A Filipina Secretary in Korea

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  1. Abibuyog says:

    upon reading all the duties and responsibilities, it made me tired already. o_O.

    but I think this is something worth trying for, right? Thanks Ms. Betchay for the information, been a reader of your blog for a long time now. Hope for your happiness. God bless you !! 🙂

  2. Rhodora says:

    is there an age limit? are they considering also tourist visa holder? I am willing to transfer my visa if selected.

    thanks po !

  3. carol says:

    How can I get an endorsement letter from the Philippine Embassy?

    • Betchay says:

      Honestly, I don’t have any idea. Maybe you could send a message to the email address listed and ask them. Or take a chance to send your resume without the endorsement letter.

      • geraldine says:

        Dear applicants,

        The position we are looking for is still open. Even without an endorsement letter from Phils. embassy Korea is fine… just an advantage but not a strict requirement.

        If accepted, one will going to work to a female Japanese CEO . And travel to Philippines too. The company LIngo ltd is a trader company with office in Japan, Korea and other Asian contries, possible to open too in the Phils. selling medical products, organic products, I.T. , cosmetics etc.etc. for global market.

        Thank you very much Ms Bechay for your support and help.
        How could I send you a product sample? hahaha

      • Kim says:

        I’m an employee in LINGO company.

        we already found one.

        Please erase this ads.

        Thank you

    • geraldine says:

      Without endoresement is fine… just send your resume to the above email address.

  4. Lhen says:

    Hi open pa po ba ito? I would like to take chances. Wala po email ad dun sa post pede po ba paki reply un email ad so i can send my resume. Salamat po.

  5. Lingo says:

    Don’t send resume anymore.

    We don’t have any openings now.

    Thank you

    – Lingo –

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