Jo In Sung Bell Bracelet

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  1. Ma Fe says:

    JIS is my best current KR actor, after the wind blows, I went archive with is other movies and he fits any role ……he’s just too appealing. I wonder who he’s link with, I also like his minimalist house.

  2. Kunpapo says:

    Hi you,
    I just wonder if you have store in Malaysia so that I can buy that bracelet in store. If not, is online purchase the only way?
    Thanks a lot!

    • snow lee says:

      Lol, Its a coincidence i went to a market in my neighborhood and bought the same bell for RM22(original price RM 24). I didnt even know about the movie and i just randomly search for any info on the bell and Google led me here ><

  3. ShaoFeng Zhang says:

    I would like to know, does the bell ring?

  4. J. Manalo says:

    Is it available in the philippines? I’m currently residing there and wondering if I can purchase it from here. thanks.

  5. Evan says:

    Do you know of any that do ring ?

  6. Shellaina says:


    I just want to ask if this can be bought from the Philippines. Does the bell actually ring?


  7. Francis daisy cabije says:

    Magkano po ito sa piso?

  8. JGMDR says:

    available po ba to til now?

  9. Hope that it will also sold in the Phil.

  10. Lara says:

    Hi do you ship to the Philippines? 🙂

  11. francis daisy cabije says:

    How can we order here?how much it is in philippine currency?

  12. Hello. Don’t you have any shop here in the Philippines? 🙁 And is it still available?

  13. apple says:

    hi , is this still available and how can i order ?

  14. carletMa says:

    alam nyo po ba kung saan pwedeng bumili ng bell chime na ginamit din sa drama?

  15. raihan says:

    i just want to know. that you still have jo in sung bell bracelet?
    can you give me feedback? ASAP! Thank you

  16. Is this still available? Please reply

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