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  1. Joan says:

    Hi there id love to learn korean language n culture.wil u help me?

  2. Daisy says:

    Annyeong Ma’am Betchay..ask lang po ako if my new jod hiring naba sa mg Pinoy korean..Balak ko sana mag apply bakasakali meron!! thanks po^^

  3. Kstylick says:

    This one of the best melodrama series I’ve watched so far. I love the plot, the character and everything about it.

  4. xiandi says:

    I don’t expect too much at all in IRIS 2. While it is true that Iris 1 was so great, the ending was just too crappy for me as well as the sequel…Athena.

    And should I add that I don’t have any expectation at all with Lee Da Hae too? her recent drama, Ms. Ripley was just a waste of my time it was so nonsense for me.. I watched it because of Kim Seung Woo and Yoo Chun.
    I like Jang Hyuk a so much.. I did watch all of his drama series but he’s too unlucky with his co-actress…if he didn’t die in a story, he ended alone and lonely… I hope to see him acting on a romance comedy though.

    • Betchay says:

      Please Teach Me English is romance comedy, it’s a movie though. Try to watch “Chuno” it’s fast paced and well acted, IMO.
      I like Yoo Chun too, but I didn’t see Ms. Ripley.

      • xiandi says:

        i did watch Chuno ate betchay 🙂 honestly, if I willl upload my hardsubbed kdramas on my file, kulang ang 1TB kekeke. Jang Hyuk’s eyes always look miserable when he act that’s why I am interested to know if he can portray a funny and romantic guy role like that of Hyun Bin, Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Hoo because he deserves to be as popular as them 🙂

        I’m not being bias w/ LDH but when she quit East of Eden, I am so disappointed with her that time and I think that right now, I can easily compare her as the female version of Choi’ Si Won’s Kang Hyun Min role in king of Drama.

  5. jehan says:

    oh, haven’t watched Iris yet… but i remember watching the music video with Anne in the subway, haha!

    ate Betchay, same here.. i really couldn’t endure KHNs acting opposite JDG that’s why i stopped watching after a couple of episodes.

    didn’t like LDH in East of Eden ba yon that’s why I also didn’t try watching her succeeding dramas. i would love to give Iris2 a chance though because of JangHyuk and the other Korean stars I see in the poster that I really like(Jumong’s mom and LeeBomSoo(?)…^^,

  6. Bina Besiege says:

    I have been watching few of the Korean films off-late and have found them to be of very strong story and characterization. I had seen the IRIS – The Movie, it was really one of the best movies i have ever seen.

    Now a days I try to watch more and more Korean films online. Few of them have subtitles so it really makes the watching pretty easy!

  7. elaheh from iran says:

    i watched alot of korean series and i like to learn korean language and their i try to learn from movies but its so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love korean people and i belive i will come to your country.

    IRIS2 is the best action and korean drama that i have seen and i following this movie
    have a best wishes for you.

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