Park Geun Hye is the new President of South Korea

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9 Responses

  1. How do you think choosing a female president reflects on South Korea’s gender equality?

  2. Kstylick says:

    Historical win. First ever female president of South Korea. I wonder who did you vote?

  3. akishta says:

    So envious of how South Korea conducted their election in an orderly, peaceful way…Hopefully here in Philippines, we can have that kind of election in the near future…

  4. Ma Fe says:

    How simple and factual, I wish we can have it here!!!! Congratulatons, I will be back next winter to KR and hope to see the Blue House.

  5. elyoka says:

    so happy for koreans. first female president! sounds and feels great! I hope she will serve her nation well!

  6. serjz says:

    wow, I’ll be in Korea this coming Jan 16 to work, New Place, new president, and new year…

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