“I love Korea because…” contest winners

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  1. shie says:

    the grand prize deserves it. it’s simplicity is classic. she’s able to capture the culture and life in the most colorful and detailed ways. but the winning part of the entry is the last part of the video. she’s able to justify why korea is her home. galing!

  2. Vladislav Kim says:

    I was very disappointed of contest results. It is not fair to ignore such a good video like ” I love korea because it makes me happy ” on youtube. And gives prices to another foreign people. Whose video just a slideshow of pictures.Or exceed 3 minutes long. You did not keep rules by your own self. Sorry for my opinion. But I think it’s not competent contest.

  3. Friend says:

    I am also little disapointed. I did not watch all the films but still there are films with ideas more creative, films with something more than slideshow…(cartoon, funny film from spain, well-made from Argentina, or polish from first page…)
    …anyway this is commercial competition so we shouldn’t be so dissapointed…
    …but some distaste remains…

  4. L says:

    so dissapointed…….

  5. Web Henyo says:

    ansaya nito. congrats dun s pinoy na nakapasok. taga-japan lang ung nanalo, malapit lng. hehe..

  6. Lili says:

    The first one was incredibly charming, I can see why that one won ^__^

  1. April 7, 2014

    […] “I love Korea because…” contest winners […]

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