Dealing with the Philippine Embassy in Seoul

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  1. diane says:

    Hi ate betchay. If you don’t mind, could you please tell me the steps to get a NBI clearance. Anothere thing, was your diplOma already authenticated by dfa before you had it notarized in the embassy? I believe these documents were required by your hagwon. I’m being asked to submit the same documents, too.

  2. potatochips says:

    hi diane, these same docus were reqd by my hagwon, too.
    I went to the Phil embassy, hopimg thatcthey would authenticate my diploma even without authentication from the DFA, pero I wasn’t successful. I ended up following the step by step process required by the DFA tuloy.

    • diane says:

      Thanks for the reply potatochips. My sister is now proccessing the dfa authentication, and it has been two weeks since she went to my school. I just called them and they said it’s gonna take another 2-3 weeks. 🙁 how about nbi clearance? Were you required too? I’m living in Daegu and going to Phil. Embassy doesn’t sound so good. I’m hoping there would be another way.

  3. potatochips says:

    for my nbi clearance I skipped dfa but I had to go to the phil embassy twice. first for my fingerprints, and then I had to go back there again for authentication after I got the clearance from the phils. my hagwon didn’t wanna accept the nbi clearance without dfa authentication at first pero I just insisted and pointed out that it has already been authenticated by the dphil embassy in seoul. luckily tinanggap naman in the end.

  4. potatochips says:

    medyo hassle pero safer pa rin talaga to have everything authenticated by the dfa and korean embassy in the phils. since di pa tapos ung diploma mo, pwede mo pa rin ipasabay ung nbi sa sis mo para minsanan nalang sya punta sa dfa.but the thing is, u have to go to the phil embassy in seoul nga muna. :-/ good luck!

    • Diane says:

      Thanks potatochips. Ganun na nga gagawin ko, btw, what should my sister do with the nbi clearance from korea? And does the diploma need to be authenticated by the Korean embassy in Phil and then sa Philippine embassy ulit? I’m going to the Phil Embassy this Thursday.

      • Betchay says:

        You apply for the NBI Clearance from the Philippine Embassy. Then you’ll need to send the form to someone in the Philippines who will apply for it at the NBI Office. You should provide a letter of authorization to claim the NBI Clearance as well as for the authentication of your diploma at the DFA. Don’t forget to bring an ID photo when you go to the Philippine Embassy for the NBI Clearance.

  5. Stavy says:

    How long did the whole process of the NBI take there? How long did it take to come back from the philippines?

  6. Web Henyo says:

    hmmm. makakarating din ako ng korea!

  7. ella says:

    Hi ate betchay.pwede ko po ba malamn ang mga reuqirements n need kong i prepare for travel documents ng baby? every sunday din po b may opis? tnt n po ang mga magulng ng batang iuuwi ko.kung sakali po b pwedeng ako nga ang mag uwi ng bata?kc sister ko ang nnay ng bata n inivit e ko dto pero name ng asawa ko ang nag invite s knya?may idea po b kayo n hindi ako maku question s immigration airport kung sakali?pls response po…

  8. Mykee says:

    Hi, my fiancee is living in Australia now and he needs his NBI, paano sya makakakuha?

    • Betchay says:

      Ask him to apply for it at the Philippine Embassy in Australia. He needs to do a fingerprint impression on the application form. Then he should send that application form to a relative in the Philippines to process the application at the NBI office. Make sure he sends an authorization letter and a copy of the first page of his passport.

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