A Gentleman’s Dignity

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  1. Ivy says:

    Hi! I love this drama, too.
    My name is Ivy. Actually I am looking for a filipina mom who can be my friend. I am 30’s korean and live in seoul with my hus and my 15-month babygirl.
    I want to meet you around Sa-dang station in Seoul and talk about anything – this drama, in-laws :), babies, and so on.

    We can exchange lanuages-korean and english and share some worries .

    A mom who have a baby as old as mine is better for us cause 2 babies can play together. please email me.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Ivy! Too bad I live far and my son is a pre-schooler, but I’m sure there are other moms out there who may be interested ;p

      • Ivy says:

        Thanks, i am looking forward to it.
        By the way, aside from this board, where can I write my message to find my filipina friend in this site?
        (Of course, I love this site. Your are the best bloger I have ever seen.)

  2. akishta says:

    All About Eve…One of my favorite korean drama too…:)
    JDG is so handsome…Glad to know he is in a new drama series…

  3. elyoka says:


    I love him too. He is my No.2 after RAIN )) I also get like him after watching All about Eve. Great dorama! Both the plot, OST and acting are excellent.

    Btw, speaking about souvenirs, once I tried to send you a souvenir (on the address you wrote on the box with Rain’s souvenirs collection sent to me) but my parcel returned back (((

    I hope to meet you one day (if it is ok with you) and give it personally now ))

    • Betchay says:

      Hi! We moved to a new home in July of last year. I guess that’s why it came back to you. Thank you anyway. For me, it’s always the thought that counts.

  4. xiandi says:

    I knew it all along that you’ll be blogging about this^^ I already included this on my watch lists ..

  5. MILEY says:

    i’m currently this and it just so funny and i’m totally loving it.the four actors are really good.

  6. Archie says:

    Hi?my name is Archie from Tanzania 26 years old looking for friend please contact with me

  7. Lychee says:

    When i saw JDG in the drama AGD, i thought about Ms. Bechay blogging about it 🙂 I’m always looking forward to watch the drama every weekend. You’ll also love the sound track of the indie band Big baby Driver. The lyrics of the songs are written in english.

    • Betchay says:

      Oh my! Is it that obvious? I haven’t seen the drama and I’ve stopped reading some of my FB friends posting how they couldn’t wait for the next episode! Aissshhh! Glad that I’m going to be busier starting next week ;p

  8. Web Henyo says:

    woah! nung panahon na yun e nabalitaan ko na yung all bout eve. (news, reporting..)pero til now, hindi ko alam na si jdg pala yun. hahaha. basta ang alam ko lang e taegukgi! hehehe

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