“I love Korea because…” announcement of results

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  1. Alke says:

    Yess! Just some weeks and iuhuuu ;)) Congrats to winner!


  2. Mike says:

    Hey, was there any announcement of the results already? Did anyone receive an e-mail of results? I’m asking because I completely know nothing about results of the contest. Who’s the winner, who’s the loser?

    • Betchay says:

      Good question.


      1. 수상자 (총 140명)

      ㅇ 대상 (1명) : Chie Kamino(일본)
      ㅇ 금상 (3명) : Daniel Alejandro Martinez Larsen(멕시코), Adi Oh(독일), Lina Lucas(포르투갈)
      ㅇ 은상 (4명) : Maria Alejandra Diaz Caldas(콜롬비아), John Christopher P. Bonifacio(필리핀), Taha Saran(터키), Nicholas Kilonzo Muindi(케냐)
      ㅇ 동상 (5명) : Merve TALAY(터키), Kazagashev Oleg(카자흐스탄), Noeum Sokvichhai(캄보디아), Yohanna Olmedo(우루과이), Martha Isabel Barrera Pinilla(칠레)
      ㅇ 우수상 (33명) : Noe Alonzo(미국) 등
      ㅇ 장려상 (94명) : Maria Camerotto(호주) 등

  3. fysisoft says:

    I am waiting for its results

  4. yesjnekezia says:

    Are they the winners??

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