Maui Taylor in “The Taste of Money”

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  1. pace13 says:

    I’ve watched the trailer on youtube and been wanting to see this movie. hopefully someone will upload this one with eng sub soon.
    and saw some few clips of the premier on youtube. not enough.

  2. Raze says:

    Hahaha… dakilang Birhen…

    Thanks Betch..

  3. akishta says:

    I like to watch that movie with Maui Taylor..Here in pinas, i saw one show and they’re proudly talking about how she make it on said movie that will compete on Cannes festival..I agree with you ms. Betchay, it wasn’t degrading at all, though i’ve only seen the full trailer…

  4. Web Henyo says:

    na-feature ito sa jessica soho… napanood ko ininterview si maui taylor…

  1. April 5, 2014

    […] the movie “The Taste of Money”? It is a Korean film that includes Maui Taylor. She plays the role of a Filipina nanny in Korea of a “chaebol” family. Her son and […]

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