Korean Elections

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  1. akishta says:

    Hi there Ms. Betchay!
    I’m envious of how SK conduct their elections in a peaceful and orderly way. As an employee related to elections here in Philippines, i observe the huge differences starting from the campaign period down to casting of votes. I hope in the near future, we can adopt that kind of election here in pinas. Good luck to Ms. Jazmine Lee. I hope she can make it!

    • Betchay says:

      Oo nga pala, you work there. Wala rin kaming voters registration dito. Automatic kasi may National ID.

      • Jee says:

        hi ate B~ kelan nga po ang cherry blossoms festival?^^ Thank you~

      • akishta says:

        Oo nga e. dito sa pinas hindi matuloy-tuloy yong usapan sa National ID. sana magkaroon na rin dito para madali just like there..CONGRATS pala to Ms. Jazmine Lee. She made it finally…

  2. cristinejennifer says:

    I just came back from a 2-week trip there and saw first hand the campaigns (Incheon, Busan and Jinhae). We took a picture of the supporters, as well as the candidate campaigning on top of a makeshift stage (like the one in your photos). I even saw one candidate at the curb near an intersection waving at the motorists driving by him. It was quite an interesting sight.

  3. AnewMe says:

    I just learned that Jasmine is from Panabo and that she finished her high school at Maryknoll. I thought pareho lang kami na taga Davao area… schoolmates din pala kami.. Congratulations to her! We, Maryknollians, are so proud of her! ^^

  4. Web Henyo says:

    malapit na rin ang election dito sa pinas. marami n nmn kakaiba. hehehe.

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