Korean Folk Village

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  1. justine says:

    Hello ate Betchay!

    I’m just wonderin’ po if you have received my email few days ago?

  2. Web Henyo says:

    yung food and pinakagusto ko!!!!

    spotted: Sungkyunkwan scandal and jewel in the palace!

    gusto ko rin ang mga hanok village..

  3. akishta says:

    I will definitely go there pag natuloy trip namin to Korea..I loved watching historical drama, from jewel in the palace down to dong-yi. BTW, dong-yi is now currently airing late night on GMA 7.
    I admire Korea the way they preserve their folk villages…Thumbs up!!!

  4. pollo says:

    Korean Folk Village was built 1974 during Park Chung Hee regime. Ex-Korean president Park Chung Hee (1963~1979) is well-known for his iron-hand rule ultimately leading to Han River Miracle.

    Park Chung Hee’s greatness, however, is not just confined to economic accomplishments under his leadership, but also extended to Korean culture preservation, restoration of Korean historic sites, nature preservation, reforest movement and tree planting.

    You can see green lush forest surrounding Korean Folk Village. Park Chung Hee had a great mission for Korea reforest and tree planting, and he meticulously made a plan for reforest and tree planting. Koreans planted more than 10 billion trees under his leadership and transformed the naked Korean mountains into lush green forests.

    Korean reforest is considered as a miracle in the world. Korea is the only one country which succeeded in the country-wide reforest since the World War 2. Wood volume in Korea has increased by twenty two times since Park Chung Hee began Korean reforest although most of countries immensely lost their forest and wood volume in the midst of industrialization.

    I am sure Korean Folk Village and its surrounding lush green forest can be reminiscent of Park Chung Hee.

  5. Zeny says:

    Definitely I am going to visit this place….food looks yummy!!!

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