Korea is Home for Jasmine Lee

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  1. pollo says:

    When it comes to patriotism, the Korean are second to none.
    When it comes to nationalism, they are second to none, either.

    Two distinctive characteristics identifying the Korean are their burning patriotism and extreme nationalism, which are based on their non-negotiable self-confidence from the belief that they have retained their identity through historic turbulence for 5 thousand years and from the fact that they could rebuild their mother country to the advanced country for a short period from scratch and from ashes of war.

    Now we can be assured that Jasmin Lee is being loved and respected by many Koreans. Many Koreans acknowledge that she is a wonderful lady and deserve some reward as an individual. Numerous Koreans, however, are suspicious of Jasmin Lee’s Korean identity of patriotism and nationalism as yet. Korean people put high ethical standards on the politicians who will represent Korea. The bottom line of Korean ethics demanded for politicians is patriotism and nationalism.

    There is a good possibility that Jasmin Lee will be a congress woman in Korea. And yet Jasmin Lee should get through Korean-style verification regarding patriotism and nationalism.

  2. Web Henyo says:

    ka-cute ng first sight stories nila. hehehe. kulit!

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