Korean Ad: Etiquette on the subway

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4 Responses

  1. myhlles says:

    ms betchay yung tracking number ko po? 🙁

  2. pollo says:

    In Korea I tried the subway in Seoul, inner-Seoul bus, city-to-city bus, KTX high-speed train and the ferry boat going to islands.

    Last time I spent almost 1 month in Korea travelling around Korea. i think I have enough experience to give a judgement for their etiquette on the public transport including the subway.

    Briefly speaking, my impression reveals that people on the public transport in Korea are very quiet and sometimes made me even bored due to excessive silence among the customers inside.

    On the subway or bus, I could sometimes see the foreigners looking like working in Korea. I found those foreigners were quite noisy and had a rude behavior and strange attitude which are seemingly eyesores to Korean people.

    Now Korea is becoming like Germany where many foreigners are working and at the same time making a trouble and noise.

  3. Web Henyo says:

    cool ads! kaso prang masyadong vulgar..hehehe.

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