Taking the airport limousine bus from Seoul <-> Incheon

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  1. pollo says:

    It is such a wonderful thing that you can use the free WiFi in the airport bus for which you pay only 10,000 won for one and half an hour bus ride.

    This is one of what I like most in Korea and what I consider “Korea is the best in the world” – highly efficient, ultra-modern and cheap public transportation and ultra-modern powerful internet connection nationwide.

    The public transportations in Korea, including bus, subway, taxi, are ridiculously too cheap relative to their high income level.

    • Betchay says:

      I love the free WiFi on the subway, too. It saves me so much on 3G connection fee. Even if I travel almost an hour by train, I am always connected.

      I agree with the public transportation, too. The government encourages the use of public transport to reduce consumption of gasoline. If you own a city car, you get a lot of benefits like half parking fee, half toll fee and cheaper car tax.

      While the salary is not as high as in the US, we have lower taxes and health insurance.

      • pollo says:

        Betchay, you made a good point about the US.
        Health insurance in the US is abnormally expensive.

        You are supposed to pay monthly $1800 for 3 person family under a health insurance in the US, for which you would pay just monthly $100 for 3 person family in Korea. In addition to that, the quality and coverage of Korea’s health insurance is way better than that of the US.

        On the average, the American don’t have money, neither saving after all kinds of payments.

        The Korean are, generally speaking, richer and have more money and more saving than the American thanks to Korea’s good social system.

  2. pollo says:

    The magazine in your picture shows Kara which is one of my favorite K-pop bands. Thanks, Betchay.

    Kara in Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2011

  3. mayee says:

    we took the limousine bus from the airport to uijeongbu last week(we arrived at dawn, i don’t want hubby to wake up that early and drive all the way to incheon).i prefer riding it again the next time…it’s cheap(imagine not paying all those toll fees), convenient, and drops us 2 blocks away to our house.

  4. Myhlles says:

    Hello Ms. Betchay. 🙂
    Na ship na po orders ko?
    Pa email nman po ng tracking number. 🙂

  5. iza says:

    really like your site on the limousine bus. can i ask you do they announce the stop in English and i will be arrive in incheon airport at 21.30hrs and do u think i have ample time to catch the bus 6002 to sinchon station? tks

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Iza! You can also take the airport train to Sinchon. Anyway, they do announce the stops in English. You can also ask the driver to remind you. Just sit near the driver’s side.

  6. Baek Seung Jo says:

    Ms. betchay, can you pay for this bus ride using T-money?

  7. apple says:

    i also really like the limousine bus! My husband and I visited my parents-in-law last February and from Incheon to the South of Seoul (cannot recall the name of the place) we took an airport lomousine bus. It was really awesome, the seats were comfortable and the bus itself was so clean.

    We also took an airport bus from Gwangju (my hubby’s hometown) to Incheon and it took 4 hours. We slept in the bus becasue we were so tired. It was pretty good I didn’t even feel the 4-hour drive! I reckon, Korea’s motorways were good that’s why the trip was perfect. ^_^

  8. Elsie says:


    Would you know the time of the last trip of limousine buses going to Seoul? Our flight ETA is 2045H. The hostel that we are booked is offering a 75,000KRW fee for airport pick up. That is too expensive for two person to share. Hope you could help me.

    Thank you.

    • foxylady says:

      Hi Elsie,

      As far as I know the last bus departs at 22:50pm (10:50pm) from Incheon Airport. The bus fare is 10,000 KRW. Hope this helps.

  9. Rita says:

    Hi Betchay – I am going to be in Seoul in May and am booked at 2C House Hotel. Dongdaemun. Is it correct that I take bus #6002? Could you guide me which bus stop I need to go down? I wanted Toyoko Inn at the suggestion of a friend but the only available rooms are smoking rooms. So I finally chose 2C house hotel. Any help you can provide how to reach the hotel safely would be appreciated. Many thanks

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Rita! The place is a little bit difficult to reach. I used a Korean map to locate the guesthouse. You can take bus 6002 and get off at Cheongnyangni Stn. (the last bus stop) and then take a taxi. Hopefully the taxi driver would be able to find the house using his navigation. If you take the airport train. You can transfer to line 5 (purple line) from Gimpo Airport and get off at Wangshimni station. The guesthouse is about 250 meters from exit 6.

  10. Catalina says:

    Can I take the bus to go to the international airport with a big lugagge?

  11. Rg says:

    Do they stop at all bus stops? And do you need to press stop before you reach your own bus stop? Like in HK, when you dont press a button, the driver would assume no one’s going to aligt and would just pass by the stop.


  12. Angel says:

    Hi. Do you have any advise for taking the limousine bus from a certain location to Incheon airport? How to get tickets?

    • Betchay says:

      Hi! In that case, you’ll have to pay to the driver directly. If you have a T-money card you could load some money in the card and just use it to pay for your transpo. As from certain location, there are lots of points around the city so it will depend where you’re coming from.

      In my case, I find the airport train more convenient than taking the bus.

  13. Michelle Goh says:

    Hi Betchay,
    I’ll be travelling to Seoul with 2 senior citizens (above 65) & a 5yr old. We rented Apartment at Ramodo. Bus 6002 charged full rate on senior citizens & 5yr old?

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