A view of Bukhansan

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  1. pollo says:

    People say Mt.Bukhan is one of the most fabulous mountains in the world. I agree with them. I am envious of you, Betchay, since you are living close to Mt. Bukhan. When you look at the pictures below and then you will realize why many people are admired by the beauty of Mt. Bukhan.

    Mt.Bukhan in the fall

    Mt. Bukhan in the spring

  2. pollo says:

    haha, I have to correct the above-writing.
    – You will realize why the beauty of Mt.Bukhan is admired by many people – Sorry for my mistake.

  3. pollo says:

    I am a Seoul-lover or Seoulphile.
    I love the mountains in Seoul and surrounding her.
    Seoul was chosen as a capital entirely due to these mountains and Han river 620 years ago, based on the Fungsu philosophy.
    You can appreciate the complete beauty of Seoul only from the mountains. The true beauty of Seoul must be appreciated along with the surrounding mountains. In this respect, Seoul is different from Paris, London, or Tokyo, which were built on the flat land. Enjoy the beauty and panoramic view of Seoul from the mountains. Fantastic!

    • Betchay says:

      Korea, they say, is 75% hill and mountain terrain. We used to live on a mountain bordering the original Seoul (or Hanyang). The park there offers a different view of Seoul. I love seeing the city from Bugaksan (the mountain at the back of Cheongwadae) as it presents another view of the city.

  4. pollo says:

    Seoul Gangnam(south of Han river) is the epicenter of Hanlyu, or Korean Wave.
    Fantastic view of Seoul Gangnam from Mt. Guryong

  5. elyoka says:

    My homecity is also surrounded by mountains. But hiking is not much popular over here. Somehow.

    ps: Pollo, thanks for the links! Outstanding views of Seoul. Love it. Great shots!

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