Pnoy and Grace Lee romance, for real?

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  1. ellen says:

    let us give them their moments. in fairness, grace is glowing and the pre sident looks so kilig. a netizen commented something like this ‘ napakaswerte ng anak nila, may tataspproy na, may lolo pa!’. ha..ha..ha…..
    the prospect of a wedding in malacanang is very appealing though. shades of ‘the princess hours’.

  2. ellen says:

    comment should read’ napakaswerte ng magiging anak nila, may tatay na , may lolo pa’.

  3. suppledexplorer says:

    Hmmmmm…..showbiz na showbiz ang president ng pinas…tsk tsk kawawang mga pinoy

  4. pollo says:

    I hope the Philippines and Korea will be much closer countries through their marriage. I hope Grace Lee could inject the purpose-oriented Korean mentality to the president and the Philippines society.

    Economists say that among the newly industrialized countries after WW2 only Korea and Singapore have successfully passed through the middle income gap (GDP $7,000~15,000) and settled down into the high income countries.

    Therefore Korea is the best model country in this century for many developing countries such as the Philippines.
    Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan chose Korea as their role model for economic development. So why not the Philippines?

    The Philippines doesn’t need to look at any European countries as a role model. Last year Korea with 50 million population exported 556 billion dollar worth of products, which is more than the Great Britain and Italy. Korea is the world ranking 7th in exports and it is quite close to France(ranking 6th).

    According to Branco Milanovic, the world bank economist, Korea has more than 2 millions of world 1% rich people, which is the largest number in Asia and the 7th largest number in the world.
    Only 9 countries in the world have more than 2 millions of world 1% rich people.

    Branco MIlanovic says the world 1% rich people make more than $34,000 after tax annually. Anyway it means the wealth is quite well distributed in Korea. This is also one more important thing the Philippines has to learn from Korea.

    The U.S has 29 millions of world 1% rich people
    Germany has 4 million
    France, Italy, the Great Britain have 3 million for each
    Canada, Korea, Japan, Brazil have 2 million for each.

    Japanese news media paid attention to this order, not alphabetical order, and said this order means Korea has more world 1% rich people than Japan.

  5. Web Henyo says:

    wow! malaki tlgng issue ito 3rd article n ng buhay korea ito about pnoy’s love life. lalo ng gumanda samahan ng pinas at SK. whew!

  6. ellen says:

    last night i was watching ‘tv patrol’ and surprise, surprise they credited one of the pics they used of grace and pnoy as coming from ‘’. wow! you have really arrived, betchay! i remember inquire mentioning your site as being very informative to those making travel plans to korea and now by abscbn no less.

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