Namiseom by train

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  1. xiandi says:

    Thanks for posting this ate betchay~ i will visit nami island by april and i’m very excited to see this place 😀

  2. Min says:

    Hello Ms Betchay!! ^ ^

    the leaves have changed shades!! It was still kind of green when I visit it during early October! 🙁

    If only I went during November! the boat trip is really crowded with people and some drama settings were film there weren’t they? 😀

    Have replied to your email! Do check ^ ^ Thank you!

  3. Web Henyo says:

    wala na yung inverted umbrellas..

    oh, the makguksu! avaialable yan sa SM dito samen sa Batangas. natry n nmin, ansarap.hehehe.

  4. hanneebuff says:

    I went there though train too Ms. Betchay, thanks to your detailed directions on your last blog post. I remember running away from the ostrich because the little dog barked at it and it got angry. I thought it was going to attack us. haha!

  5. Iza Mohd Isa says:

    Hi Betchay.

    Hope all is well with you :). I’ve been planning to visit Korea in autumn for my next visit. And after reading your posting on your sisters visit & looking at the photos I’m getting all excited….huhuhu :). Just want to ask you what is the best month to go during autumn, between Oct & Nov? To really see the foliage all turn yellow/orange. I watched 2Days 1Night during their autumn trip recently & wish that I can visit those places that the member went especially Seugun. He went to Daedunsan, Geumgansan of Honam (not sure if I got this right). He took the cable car at the mountain & with the autumn scenery, wow, it is so nice ;-). Is Daedunsan very far from Seoul?

    Thanks Betchay & take care ^0^.


  1. March 8, 2014

    […] The ITX is the high-speed train that connects Seoul to Chuncheon. It’s faster than taking the Gyeongchun line, although the latter is more convenient as one doesn’t need to book in advance to secure […]

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