Korean Elections

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7 Responses

  1. Nica says:

    That sounds very organized and systematic.

  2. akishta says:

    As a public servant, i really envied how other country held their elections in a very peaceful and systematic way..how i wish someday, we can conduct an election free of fraud, doubts and in a peaceful way….

  3. Web Henyo says:

    mapapalitan na pala si lee mung bak. 😀 except kumandidate ulet cya.

  4. Min says:

    Looks real neat!& they even bother to include biography! Cool!

    Hear from your mail soon Betchay!! ^ ^

    • Betchay says:

      It’s because sometimes people wouldn’t go out of their way to check the candidates. With the leaflets, you could read each candidates credentials in the toilet!

  5. marithes says:

    while dito sa pinas..ang dumi2 ng mga streets pag may election dahil sa mga posters dito posters dun..lalo na pag election day..tapos minsan..kami pa mga residente naglilinis ng mga kalat na papel..tskk..tskk…

  6. luya says:

    one of the factors why pinas has this kind of “circus” atmosphere during elections is because of the idea of “popularity vote”, a social stigma that most of the filipinos from the voting society used as their basis of choosing their candidates. reality bites, the conduct of election is most likely a fiesta/drama/entertainment rolled in one fiasco. nakakalimutan ang tunay na purpose why we choose our rep., to lead us towards to the betterment of our country and its constituents. that’s why i’am in favor of revising some provisions of the omnibus election code to jive and enjoin with the development on modern electoral system.

    nonetheless, the result of the 1st nationwide automated elections last 2010 gave the phil. electoral system a new face not only to the filipinos but before the international community. though in my pov it was not 100% perfectly executed, occurrence of some glitches are natural in first trial, but it somehow solved difficult areas in the system like: writing of candidate’s name, manual counting, manual canvassing, and the long overdue proclamation of winning candidates. ika nga nila, one step at a time, mapeperfect din natin yan.

    with fresh ideals and young blood legislators/public servants, hindi malayong maging posible ang pagbabago para sa ikakabuti ng bansa.

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