Multicultural Marriages – Filipino and South Korean

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  1. MJ says:

    Thanks Ate Betchay for posting this video.It’s very informative and an eye opener to all Filipinos married to Korean nationals.I totally agree with what they stated.Learning how to speak their language is very crucial in your married life in Korea.

    • Betchay says:

      I know a few Pinay friends who, after a decade or so, can’t still speak fluent Korean. (Oh, that really includes me but I haven’t been here for a decade). The key is communication. If the Pinay can’t speak Korean well, at least the husband should be able to speak English well enough to facilitate real communication. Understanding of each other’s culture is also imperative, especially for the Pinay who has migrated to Korea. We can’t be just too full of hubris thinking that we’re better than anyone else ;p

      • MJ says:

        Precisely Ate Betchay!We can’t deny the fact that they highly value their language and culture.It is very vital to speak the same language.At first,I thought it was a bit unfair but I came to realize that we need to meet halfway in order to be en rapport with our significant other.

        • Betchay says:

          Do you have a Korean boyfriend? Are you married? Asking out of curiosity… ;p I’ve met some people here and they usually find it hard to adapt to the culture and the way of life here because they tend to compare everything to their own culture. And then whine and just whine. I did that before for some time. And then everything changed when I had my son ;p I learned to adjust myself to how things work here. It’s not easy and I’m still learning, but at least I’m happier ;p It doesn’t mean that I have to give up my own “culture” but I weigh things more and try to find which one would work better for me ;p

          • MJ says:

            I am married ate Betchay..My husband is Korean.kkk..I am an avid follower of your blog.Thanks for keeping us updated and I highly appreciate your time and effort to keep us informed.Your personal experience and the experience of your other blog followers are an eye opener to each one of us.I hope my husband and I can also have a successful marriage regardless of cultural and language barriers.You are right Ate Betchay,we need not to compare each other culture’s anymore.We need to embrace Korean lifestyle without reservations.I learned this the hard way.Thanks for the words of wisdom from your personal experience.I will keep them in mind.God Bless you and your family Ate Betchay.Hope to see you someday in Korea.

  2. alexa says:

    i hope magiging mas mahigpit pa cla sa mga fix marriages and agency is the main reason to get married and never money related..i hope there is a law to stop these illegal marriage brokers…

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Alexa! Ideally, couples should get married because of love ;p For some Koreans who marry women they don’t fully know and understand, continuity of their lineage is more important than anything else.

      • alexa says:

        kaya pala madaming na didivorce bcoz of no love in the first place….i dont want to marry someone i didnt love…swerte nalang nang fiancee ko love ko xia..haha

  3. elyoka says:

    do they have the same video in english? i wish i could understand.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi elyoka! The video has been produced specifically for Filipino women who wants to marry Korean men. Basically, it says in the video that language is one of the most important factor in making a multicultural marriage work. They also talked about the problems that couples here encounter and how could women better adapt to their new country.

  4. mere says:

    i wonder why i don’t have sound for this video. this is important and very good of our embassy to have this. kudos to you for posting it.

  5. Leo says:

    Multi cultural marriages are interesting as they pave the way for emergence of an entirely new species of human. This video is very helpful video for those who want to get married to Korean.

  6. Annp says:

    Kudos to the Philippine Embassy for coming up with such a very informative video! Knowledge is power. Thanks Betchay for posting! 🙂

  7. OFW News says:

    i know of many Filipinos who loves Korean stars and wish to marry a Korean (lol). This video might interest them.

  8. Emma says:

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  9. ella says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could help me with some research. Where’s a good residential area for an up-and-coming couple? Would appreciate your input very much. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    • Betchay says:

      A difficult question. Every district in Seoul has residential areas that are pretty good. You’ll just have to make a decision based on your budget and proximity to your workplace.

  10. lucy ferra says:

    sana may mga ganitong video requirement rin para naman sa mga parehong Pilipinong gusto mag sama, o magpakasal.

    May mas worse pa ngang nangyayari sa parehas na Pilipinong mag asawa.

    kahit anong lahi o bansa, may mga pangyayaring ganito. Kung hindi mo maunawaan ang asawa mo, just smile, mga koreano ayaw ng nakasimangot, dahil ikaw ang nasa bansa nila ikaw na magpaubaya, dahil ginusto mo, kelangan harapin ang consequences. But not all koreans are bad. My husband is a korean, he’s aggressive when mad, but he never hit me. lagi lang sigaw. kaya ginagawa ko never mind lang, paganda lang ako, haha. koreans are easy, if they find you nice they will treat you nice. Mother in laws are very favoritism, kelangan mo talaga syang iimpress, that’s there long long time ago culture.

    Kung marunong kang makisama, at alam mo ang responsibilidad mo as a wife, you don’t need to learn the language. But afcourse, its better kung marunong kang umintindi at magsalita ng korean.

    karaniwang ugali ng koreanong lalake

    1. seloso
    2. aggressive kapag stress at galit
    3. gusto nila sweet
    4. ayaw nila ng tanga!
    5. focus lang sa family
    *kalangan mo maging angel kung nais mo makisama sa mga korean, but its worth it naman kasi they will be in return.

    This is based on my experiences.

  11. akoito says:

    ikakasal po kami ng bf ko na korean this coming january 2012,balak nya po kumuha ng agency na puwede pong maglakad ng papel namin reasonable po ba ang mg hire pa ng agency ?ano po yung procedure na dapat namin gawin if ever hindi na po kami maghire ng agency salamat po

  12. Ping says:

    Hi po ate betchay!I am wondering po in case na mag file ng divorce ang korean husband,what happens to the filipino wife if they got married in the Philippines since there’s no divorce here.I’ve read one case dito sa blog.Can she file for annulment?Thanks!

    • Lourdes says:

      No, there is no need to file an annulment case against your foreign husband. Instead, you need to obtain a Judicial Recognition of Foreign Judgment (in this case Divorce) in the appropriate Philippine court. As to the substantive legal effects, refer to Article 26 of the Family Code of the Philippines, as amended.

  13. Web Henyo says:

    thanks s video. lalaki ako at wala din nmng planong magasawa ng korean (hehehe.). pero naniniwala din akong “d best tlg pag maayos communication..”

  14. jem says:

    Good day! I enjoyed reading all posts and watching the video above also has been a big help for me.. I hope akoito could get ate betchay’s reply soon..coz i and my korean boyfriend also have plan to marry soon.. and what akoito asked about, is what I wanna know too…
    I will hope for your attention regarding this matter… thanks a lot and more power!

  15. jem says:

    Thank you very much!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! :))

  16. djk says:

    hi miss betchay,where can i send you a private message because i have a very personal question,,,pls…thanks!

    • Betchay says:

      try mo yung “contact” link sa ‘taas… sumasagot naman ako sa email pero minsan medyo matagal lang kung maraming ginagawa.

  17. jona says:

    hi po!nag overstay po ako sa Korea for almost 3 years,.but nag voluntary exit ako ng magbigay sila ng amnesty last Oct. 2011.
    I marry my Korean bf before ako umuwi ng PInas actually mgksma kmi umuwi. Tinatkan ng 68-(1) ung passport ko sa Airport Immigration.Ask ko lang po kung posibleng maapruban ba yung spouse visa application ko? Complete na po yung requirements ko pra sa spouse visa. mag aapply na po ako sa Monday.
    Sna po matulungan nyo q.
    Thank you!!!!

  18. lani says:

    Hilo po! Itatanong ko lang kong anong requirements pra sa spouse visa, taz my anak nrin kmi f wat din requirements nia f apply kmi sa korean embassy,,?

  19. tintin says:

    hi!! ate bethay,, kasal na po ako sa korean guy at kukuhanin nya k para makapunta kami dun sa korea!!!! panu po ate kung one day bigla nya ako i devorse sa korea or bigla nalang xia di magpakita sa aken!!! panu na poh ako or magiging anak namin? anu po ang mga karapatan ng mga pilipinang gaya ko na iniwan ng mga koreano?

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Tintin! Kung na-divorce ka pero F-6 ang visa mo, pwede ka pang mag-stay ng Korea until mag-expire ang visa. Pag divorced ka na, make sure na kuha ka ng divorce papers mo at i-report mo sa Philippine Embassy. Yun namang tungkol sa anak, mas kadalasan ang custody napupunta sa tatay pero kung sa nanay pwede kang makapag-stay sa Korea as immigrant base kasi kailangan mong alagaan ang anak mo. In short, unless maging Korean citizen ka eh limited ang karapatan mo rito.

  20. Ashanti says:

    Hi gusto ko lang magtanung if ano gagawin ko kasi matgal na kme ng korean bf ko he was divorce and have 2 kids.But sinabhan niya ko na ayaw niya na pong makasal ulit.He is 55 and Im only 22.Ako naman nangangarap makasal pero mukhang malabo na sa case namen ang makasal.Ano kayang the best na gawin ko?Ang sumang ayon lang sa for life na pagiging mag boyfriend girlfriend?I hope you can answer my question.Thank you and have a good day.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Ashanti! Opinion lang ha, kasi importante sa ‘kin ang kasal ~ naipapahiwatig kung gaano ka ka-importante sa taong mahal mo dahil ang kasal ay nagba-bind sa dalawang tao sa publiko. Pag kasal kayo, kayo na lang ang dapat magkasama at magmahalan. Ano naman ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ka niyang pakasalan?

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