Yoon Eun Hye vs Lee Hyo Ri

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12 Responses

  1. foxylady says:

    pareho lang naman. pero cyempre mas sexy si Lee Hyori, ganda ng abs nya, inggit ako hehehe.

    • Betchay says:

      “matanda” na si Lee Hyori pero hot na hot pa rin ;p

      • foxylady says:

        grabe ang katawan ni Hyori, parang sa gym na ata nakatira yan eh. nagustuhan ko cya lalo sa Family Outing, ang kulit pala nya at hindi cya nahihiya kahit magmuka cyang tanga. kinilig ako sa loveteam nila ni Kim Jong Kook, hehe. sayang lang naputol na sa ere yung show. ;P

      • jehan says:

        oo nga ate Betchay.. i love her body.. so go LHR ako.. hehe..

  2. elyoka says:

    i think two pics are quite different. yeah the pose is same, but their looks and whole air is different. YEH is more femine while LHR is vibrating wildness.

  3. Florianne says:

    Lee Hyo Ri, mas nadala po nya yung pagiging sexy and living proof siya na how you can still be hot even as you grow older 😀

  4. akishta says:

    Yoon Eun Hye pose is sweet and sexy while Lee Hyo Ri is hot and sexy…:)

  5. Strawberry says:

    two girls are so hot and sexy!

  6. javen says:

    for a 30 year old lee hyori has a rocking bod

    out of the 2 I prefer Yoon Eun Hye….I had a crush on her since coffee prince

  7. mylene says:

    YEH! you rock!

  8. shinta** says:

    both are hot(obviously) but still, i prefer YEH ^_^

  9. Daniel says:

    YEH is super hot! But the pose should have been tweaked by the photographer. LHR if you notice is leaning back and her hips are turned slightly. Gives a nice sexy curve to her body and accentuates her slim waist and curvy tooch. YEH is too straight up and shows no curves/kinda boring pose. Not her fault, the photographer should have known better. S curves in a womans photograph shows off their femininity. Most good photographers know that, I do. Either that or the editor dropped the ball on ok’ing the shot for publication/amateurish gaff. Being hard here because YEH deserves the best. I wish I could have done that photo shoot.

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