Unexpected blackout in Seoul

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7 Responses

  1. jempres says:

    natawa naman ako sa “PC-bangers”.. ano nga kaya reactions nila?

  2. Carol says:

    10 years in Korea and it’s my first time to experience this…

  3. wendy says:

    i must have been still out that time. i didn’t know…

  4. Sally Thompson says:

    is this real? Well hope this will not be a reason for an accidents..

  5. Jee says:

    When I first experienced black out, it only took 2-3 seconds hehe

  6. Anup says:

    Man… I was stuck in this city during this Blackout…. It was worse…

  7. jewel says:

    I dont know how to react because I never been in korea..

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