Korean Film Festival at SM’s Mall of Asia and SM Cebu

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  1. Hanneebuff says:

    Oh! so that’s the movie where Ms. Jasmine was included. That’s the movie that they will be showing during the premiere night on Sept. 19. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Cris says:


    Good day!

    I have a question re korean visa application. Do they require a minimum bank account balance to get your visa approved? I hear different things kasi sa mga forums, yung iba were saying $5000 yung iba naman $1000.

    Will greatly appreciate your response.


  3. Hanneebuff says:

    Hello Ms. Betchay!

    I was able to watch Secret Reunion during the premiere of the Korean Film Festival. I thought I missed Ms. Jasmine’s part but it turned out that she appeared almost towards the end of the movie. She has quite a noticeable role and she played the part well.

    And she’s lucky to see Kang Dong Won and Song Kang Ho in real life.

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