Kookmin Bank – Rockstar Zone

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8 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. My favorite Korean celebrity, Lee Seung Gi, endorses KB and did a CF for Rockstar recently. Your post enlightened me to what that CF was all about.

  2. hana20 says:

    such a cool idea to build a bank like this that caters to university students.wish there’s a similar bank around in philippine universities.that would be 대박!^^

  3. foxylady says:

    wow! ngaun lang ako nakakita nang ganyang bank. I doubt na magkaron ng ganyan klaseng bank dito sa Philippines, cellphone nga kelangan mong i-turn off once you enter eh yun pa kayang gumamit ka ng computer sa loob.

  4. catie chan says:

    What? This is a bank???
    I wanna go bank here from now on..hehehe

  5. gee says:

    wow! so cool!!!!!

  6. neknekenken says:

    Cool. Although I actually prefer banks with stuffy and intimidating interior. There’s a bank a few blocks away from our house, they give their customers free orange juice XDDD

  7. marithes says:

    cool bank! feels like home..less stressful 😀

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