Scene in Seoul: Civil Defense Drill

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8 Responses

  1. elyoka says:

    so what koreans do at the defense drill day? what happened at those 15 min you stayed at the bus isle?

    • Betchay says:

      Just stood there. If I were in the bus, I’d be hearing a state broadcast. So I just took some pictures and played “Cut the Rope”.

  2. Min says:

    Wow! 15 mins?! You really have to stand real still? :S
    Can you move around for abit? 😀

    Hear from your mail soon Ms Ana! ^ ^

  3. cher says:

    heard from my friend myla that you two met at the training…kkkk…syang wala ako

  4. ho says:

    When i was in high school during minbangui time whole student in my school get down inside the desk waiting for it to be end. It was little painful time for us, too big to stay there .Your pictures make me think about my childhood time..

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