N Seoul Tower: View from the Top

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  1. pottershandclay says:

    i always wanted to visit here and experience its breath taking view,,,,hayy…i wonder when my husband will take me here….

  2. Baek Seung Jo says:

    somewhat pricey but I guess it’s worth it. good thing you have free tickets.

  3. elyoka says:

    when i was at Saroaksan, it was very foggy day too. But the personnel was kindly informing all visitors about poor visibility. I noted that as a good service of koreans.

    N Tower’s elevator is really very fast and super. When we were there the ceilings were as they are now (not mirrowed), but at some part of the top there were glass floors, so people standing on could see ground from that 63-floor high!

    thanks for the post! like it.

  4. imalocket says:

    Wow *^* I want to go there too. I really want to go to high places like that. Ironic though, I’m in Dubai and I have never been to the Tallest Building xp

  5. Jee says:

    Agree! Seoul’s symbol. Going there at night is a lot better and more romantic. Then have your love locks at the terrace ^.^

  6. foxylady says:

    dream ko talaga na makarating jan. pag nanalo ako sa lotto una kong pupuntahan korea and japan. 🙂

  7. marithes says:

    me too is dreaming to be in N Seoul Tower and other lovely places in Seoul and Jeju Island of course! 😉

  8. mia walston says:

    ive been there before wasy back 2009 spring time and the view was really fantastic the price is too costly but it is worth ,we are planning to visit again for the second time around sept….(:

  9. sarahngge says:

    Hi, Ms. Bechay! Have you read the Korea Herald lately? Magkakaroon n po ng Philippine Arena dito satin at ito ang world’s largest dome- arena accdng to Hanwha E&C.

  10. Regie says:

    paano ung love tile n yun? may bayad po ba?

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