Korean Fishballs?

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  1. Natasha says:

    Ooo! Looks delicious!

  2. I’m hungry, hehehe I love fish balls, I’ts delicious. I want to go there and taste it, here in the Philippines Fish balls are sold by street vendors.

  3. I’m hungry, hehehe I love fish balls, I want to in korea and taste it. here in the Philippines Fish balls are sold by street vendors pushing wooden deep frying carts

  4. venus says:

    good thing that I’m living here in Cebu and I could immediately buy fishballs,squidballs and tempura whenever I want to ^.~ but these pics looks really yum!!! Nice shots Miss Betchay!!

  5. akishta says:

    Yummy!!!I do like fishballs & squidballs with sweet chili sauce…I wanted to try that korean fishballs. I’ve been to a korean grocery store here in Philippines but seems they don’t have that kind of fishballs…

  6. Jee says:

    My favorite!
    I’m used to calling it U-deng. I remember the first time I ate it, the next day I craved for it, and asked Jagi to buy me 4 big sticks for dinner. If I have to choose among the side street foods, I’ll definitely have it.

  7. foxylady says:

    Whenever I get the chance to visit Korean supermarket here in Pinas, I always make it a point to buy fishcakes. I remember the first time i bought one pack of it, nagtaka ako kung para san ung maliit na sachet na nasa loob ng packaging. seasoning pala un kasi it supposed to be cooked as a soup and not for frying. I always buy the one that has different shapes and sizes in one pack.

  8. Khaycee says:

    Ms. Bethay

    Let me know if you want me to teach you how to make the Filipino fish balls sauce ( the sweet one). It just so happen that every summer my Hubz tries to make it from scratch and it turns out really well and patok ito even for the young kids.

    Let me know.

  9. icar says:

    waaaa now im craving for fishballs.. later ill go to UP for some fishballs. they have the best sauce in town!!.. ill have some isaw too. ^_^

  10. pottershandclay says:

    been eating korean fish balls but the taste is really far from the fishballs we have in the Philippines…its hard to describe the difference but philippine fishballs are way way more delicious and tastier..^^

  11. Carlo P says:


  12. ruth says:

    My family loves fish ball, too. In Baguio, I usually buy from the grocery then cook at home. Even if tempted many times, I avoid buying from the side walk vendors, especially if I see the cooking oil so dark na para bang maraming ulit na narecycle plus open air pa!
    Now in Korea, I and my son love the square-shaped fish cake, pan-fried too. I cook the way my amo (I’m a nanny to a Korean family) cook it for her daughter who doesn’t eat fish cake unless it’s cooked this way. When the fish cake is almost cooked, add corn syrup and a dash of sugar. Stir swiftly and constantly to avoid burning bcause the syrup and sugar burn so swiftly. Just before serving (best if served hot), spread sesame seeds on top (I skip this because sesame seeds are not appealing to my 5-yr old son ^^).
    I’ll be trying the round ones, too, though it takes a longer pan-frying time as compared to the flat and thin square-shaped ones (I’m not much into deep-frying kasi andaming left-over oil which only goes to the garbage).

  13. shaira says:

    ate ana ..
    pwede po ba favor ? may gusto po kasi akong bilhing libro jan sa korea .. yung libro ni ms.kohyunjung / lady mishil in queen seon deok .. yung beauty book nya po . pwde nyo po ba kong tulungan na makabili nun ? wala po kasi akong kilala na nasa korea . plsss . eto po contact no. ko .. 09993743908 . shaira seju po thank you ! kamsahamnida ^^*

  14. Sam says:

    Didn’t even know fish had balls..!

  15. kassandra says:

    Wow! namiss ko tuloy ung fishballs sa Pinas. Mas masarap pa din ung nakalakihan na. 🙂

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