Kim Hyun Joong in the Philippines!

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  1. Arianne says:

    Waaahhh!! I must be there!:)))

  2. Pinay says:

    He’s a quite funny lad. I saw his guerilla interview on TV and I kept on laughing. Great that he’s going to Manila. Too bad I’m not currently there.
    Btw, I’m planning to study Korean next year in Seoul for just 3 weeks (my vacation). Do I need some kind of a student visa or the C-3 visa will do? Can you recommend some good schools for beginners? I can read and write some Korean letters but I really have a problem with speaking and understanding it. I checked Ehwa, Sogang, SNU and Yonsei. What do you think has the best korean language program? Thanks!

  3. stella says:

    wow! thanks for the info Ms Betchay!

  4. tala says:

    Wow! August 25 is so near.. this is so Exciting!:) Hope you’ll post more details about this..^.^

  5. rianna says:

    actually last year it was him and the beast boys..

  6. zeynie says:

    Wow! This is going to be a wonderful October! 🙂 Mario Maurer (a Thai model and actor) will also go here in the Philippines. 🙂 It’s raining men! Lol. ^^

  7. elyoka says:

    in the poster he looks like a superman. i dont know why, maybe cause there is lots of red on him =)

  8. Arianne says:

    Yeah!!! Sana may makasama ako dito 

  9. Nanz says:

    Finally!! KHJ solo in Manila should be awesome…they say that there will be no tix selling, you only have to buy a CD and if you are in the first 500, you get to go to the event…:) and the CD is just around Php 500…not sure though if there are or will be additional updates :))

    Aug. 25 is Yay! day! :))

  10. thine says:


    Sana may makasama akong fansclub nya, I really have a hard time to search u all in FB. basta pupunta aq un ang sure!!

    sana may mag message namn skin about a arrival nya d2 sa pinas para maka punta aq sa airport.. gusto ko sya makita agad… kainis… nakakakilig ahahahahha…

    ..di pa kc naka post sa ticket-world kong saang venue nila at how much ung ticket…

    sana may mag message namn skin..

    I really really like Hyun Joong!!!!!!!!

    • LINA PEREZ says:

      Hello, THINE!

      This not a concert……it is a HI-FIVE TOUCH EVENT and no admission fees needed…..the venue is in TRINOMA ACTIVITY CENTER….all you have to do is to buy his CD on the date of the event at ODESSEY or any store related to the event…..they wiil select 500 winners to join the HI-FIVE EVENT.

      GOOD LUCK!


      • thine says:


        Thanks for the info… pupunta po ako.. di n nga po ako makatulog kainis.. may time na po ba kong kailan mag start ung event??

        thank you so much

    • LINA PEREZ says:

      Thine……are you a HENECIA member?………if you are, I can give you the name of the persons whom you can go with, okey….

      • thine says:


        No, I’m not yet HENECIA member I don’t know how..

        But I want to join….

        I really really Love Hyun Joong..

        I can’t wait to see him in person

        Thank you so much po…

      • rea says:

        hi,> to miss lina perez pano po maging member ng Henecia.. so that we can have a chance to join.. thank you

  11. hanneebuff says:

    I bet it will be on a first “buy”, first served basis so the fans should line up the night before. haha! so envious of Kim Hyun Joong fans cause it will be his second time to visit the country.

  12. Joanna says:

    hello. Pano ba makakuha ng meet & greet pass? thankyou 🙂

  13. ma. angelika ongoco says:


    san po ung concert event?meron na po ako na cd i want to see him in personal kya po imessage nyu ako sa fb kung saan ung venue ng concert pliz…… sna po imessage nyu ako tnx :))))

  14. deannadsc says:

    Ms Betchay, it’s been a while since I last commented here, but I guess you know THIS POST is gonna take my undivided attention!!!*wink*LOL!!!
    KHJ’s visit will be Aug.25 for his “HI-5 event” for BreakDown album promo sponsored by Polyeast~~the venue is still to be announced, though!!!
    The Face Shop will be sponsoring him on Aug 26th w/ 2 mall visits & other events~~also to be announced later this month!!!
    Aug 27th, he’ll be flying out to China.
    Me & my KBencher friends are getting anxiety attacks already in anticipation of his arrival!!! Hope we can get close to him somehow, though!
    Hope all’s well with you, my friend!! God Bless!!! Long live your blog!!!

  15. Ria G. Tacud says:

    omo! thank you Ms. Betchay! I really love Kim Hyun Joong oppa. I hope I’ll get the chance to see him. I’m dying to see him. Kahit nga sa poster niya lang sa The Face Shop naloloka na ko eh. lol :))

  16. Marxie says:

    I’m so gonna watch this! 😀

  17. naj says:

    How I wish I could be there.

  18. Tin says:

    WOW! How I wish I could be there! Anways, where can I buy his CD? Thanks!

  19. omg .!! kim hyun joong again .!! im soexcited .!!!
    where ?when ? how ?
    sna po makapunta ako kc i will miss one half omy life if i will not beder :)!!

  20. Jeane Hernandez says:

    where po ba tska san po??

  21. Jeane Hernandez says:

    where po pala tska magkano hahahahaha mali

  22. ashbyleif says:

    shet.. gusto kitang makita na personal kim hyun joong kaso anlayo ng abra taz may klase ako sa 25.. anyway..

    august 5 ata concert nia.. :0 pkicheck :))

  23. leng says:

    what time po to? thanks

  24. banana says:

    wow. i need to meet him! ^^

  25. May ann sevilla says:

    mgkano po ung ticket….??

  26. kim says:

    omay !!! waaaaaaaa… malapit na talaga !!!! hmmm .. yung album po ba .. san bibili ??? kahit san po ba basta sa araw na yun ??? omay !! gustong gustong gustong gusto ko talaga mapasama dun sa makaka high five nya !!! naman … bat kasi may pasok pa tuwing thursday e.. haha .. hayyyy … sana talaga walang quiz para okay lang umabsent TT___TT

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Kim! Sa designated na music store lang daw. Check mo yung post ni Ms. Deanna DSC dito. Very reliable info niya. Plan pa lang pagpunta ni KHJ dito eh alam na niya ;p

  27. daniemei says:

    un sa 26 same event po pa rin un? does it still have the first 500 attend the event? or is it different?

  28. Natalie says:

    Yes, Aug 26 schedule pls! May pasok din ako ng Thursday.

  29. Reshyunjoong says:

    hay!!! ang layo ng iloilo sa manila kya hndi me mkapunta!! sana may mga posters nman sila na maiishare samin dito!!! =(

  30. Kreize says:

    Andaya! This is so shocking. After I LEFT PHILIPPINES. 🙁 Why is it that when I was in Philly, He wasnt there? and now that Im back here in Dubai, thats the time he comes? THIS IS SO UNFAIIIIIR. 🙁

  31. liz says:

    what time po ung event on thurs?

    ung s 26 po, san din po and what time? thank you!

  32. Anne says:

    Arrggg!!! KAINIIISSS!! Bat ngayon ko lang nalaman ‘to??? Kung di pa ako nanuod ng news di ko pa malalaman. Badtrip naman talaga.. >,<

  33. Anne says:

    Pagbukas ko ng tv nakita ko mukha ni KHJ, sabi ni Noli De Castro hahataw daw sa concert sa bansa. Na-pa “Huh??!” at “Sh*t!” ako ng wala sa oras, kumakain pa naman ako.. Bukas agad ako ng pc para i-check kung sya nga yun. Huhuhu kainis talaga :((

  34. Baek Seung Jo says:

    I saw Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma. He seemed much taller in person than what he appears on dramas. I feel that he is overwhelmed with the many screaming ladies, and girls. Most of them are students, I observed.

  35. lidya says:

    ooooppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……….
    kami rinduu …….
    kapan datang ke INDONESIA

  36. jeilyn delosreyes says:

    hi po lam u poh idol q poh qeo

    ang pogi nio poh talaga promise

    (lhady jeilyn 21 ever)

    love u poh take care lagi

  37. lhady feligroxa says:

    eow poh ji hoo
    ang pogi moh talaga wala ka talagang kupas
    crush nma crush kaya kta

    (lhady feligrosa a8 ever)

  38. kongkong says:

    i’m just going to correct..last year he go to philippines with the members of beast for a concert..not ss501..:D i’m just saying it..because i was there..

  39. yobosayo…i luv hyun joong very much…take care idol..anyongseyo!!!!

  40. omayrah says:


  41. lil-mhinez says:

    heheheheh :)jejejejej…………hhhahahahhah

  42. lil-mhinez says:


  43. precious says:

    sayang tapoz na pla akala q ppunta plang xa…

  44. precious says:

    when will i see him in personal..

  45. Jheany says:

    my idol
    you’re the best

  46. Oh Ha Ni says:

    Come again here in Philippines

  47. Jheany says:

    KHJ you’re the best

  48. rhearheinkim says:

    hyun joong oppa ur soooo boshishoo always take care i really really like you i hope u remember me bcoz your my man anneyeong

  49. charlene says:

    wow………your so very cute…….hope to see you in the personal………enjoyed your life……….
    always take care and may you are in good health……….mhua mhua ………..chup chup……………ha ha ha ha ha ha………….

  50. ace says:

    please send me updates

  51. pepot hi hmmeo threa ajajaja nonae
    kim hyun joong ko ……………????
    chup chup…………. ha as kpoesa meacb!!!!!!!????

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