Rated K: Byaheng Korea 2

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  1. I hope I can catch this episode, since they requested three of my videos for the show. It looks like they at least showed part of my Jindo video, since you mentioned it.

    Great reporting on this event!

  2. Jee says:

    yes! the controversial ENGKEY….
    mukha ng mga puti eh boses ng mga FILIPINO teacher yung nasa likod nito..

  3. akishta says:

    I’ve watched the first episode and was so mesmerized upon knowing the voice behind the cute ENGKEY is a Filipina from Makati. Its undeniable that Filipinos strike everywhere. Can’t wait to watch the remaining episode…

    • Betchay says:

      I’m not really sure whether I’d be happy that the voice behind that obviously Western face on the ENGKEY is a Filipina. But hey, it gives us jobs ;p

      • akishta says:

        Exactly! that’s the main point…Thanks for the reply ms. Betchay..GOD bless and more power to your blog….

  4. hanneebuff says:

    GMA 7’s I-Witness also aired a documentary about Korea although it was more focused on Korean dramas last May 9. They were able to interview Eugene (Baker King), Joo Won (Baker King), Song Il Gook (Jumong), Kim Joon (Boys Over Flowers) plus the PD of the 4 season dramas Yoon Seok Ho and the editor-in-chief of a magazine. They also wanted to interview Yoon Shi Yoon but they said he was busy filming a movie. They were also able to visit Jeju Island <3 and the set of Baker King. Too bad it was limited to 30 minutes so a lot of footage were not included.

  5. Faith@ahead says:

    There’s also Korean invasion here in Baguio. I want to watch this ep, makes me want to go there more. Engkey? haha! I’m curious.

  6. yatot says:

    Hello I can’t wait to watch the next episode,, I really want to work in korea but i heard that the only way to work their is to pass the Korean Language Test (KLT). If I pass this test i will have an opportunity to work as factory worker. It’s ok but i preferred to work as IT or any skilled work like graphic artist. ^^ god bless thanks

    • Betchay says:

      Too bad but it seems they won’t show the other clips they took in Korea… or we’ll just have to wait.

  7. arra says:

    hi, just want to ask, is it possible for a tourist visa holder to acquire a job in korea and eventually change the visa status from tourist to work visa?

    • Betchay says:

      Hi! Kung sakaling makahanap ka ng trabaho rito habang turista, kailangan pa rin na sa Pilipinas ayusin ang iyong visa. Pati mgamay tourist visa na nag-asawa ng Korean, pinapauwi na rin para ayusin ang visa.

  8. Lorna says:

    I watched this in the Philippines, and I am proud to be a part of the company, where the first ENGKEY class. Filipinos are so blessed to have such talents; although at times we are being discriminated. But Filipinos are something worth for having so much knowledge when it comes to English.

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