Green Rose – Pinoy remake

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  1. Jee says:

    Di hamak mas maganda pinoy version~
    At first I thought it wasn’t interesting knowing that it’s AGAIN a remake. But eventually we couldn’t miss watching esp on their last 2 weeks episodes. t.t

    • Betchay says:

      Sana maglabas sila ng DVD in full. Ang ganda kasi walang masyadong maraming sub-plots unlike yung ibang mga teleseryes na napapanood natin.

  2. Zaryne says:

    Hi Ms Betchay! Would you know yung kung saan yung filming location nila jericho nung nandito sila sa korea? tinatanong ng mga pinsan ko kaya lang hindi ko alam… Thanks po!

  3. Adrian says:

    mag eending na nga 5 days to go nalang tapos na ano ba papalit guns and roses?

    • Betchay says:

      Bitin nga 5 days na lang… favorite part ko yung ni-reveal na ni Lee Jung Su kay Angela na siya talaga si Jerome. Ang galing talaga ni Echo.

  4. Annp says:

    I like this drama too! I haven’t seen the original though. Like you said, the episodes are fast-paced which is what I want in a drama. I wish Mara Clara would end already. I don’t like Minsan Lang Kita Iibigan or Mula sa Puso. But 100 Days to Heaven seems promising.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Annp! I watch “MLKI” because of the actors. I thought that the story was promising in the beginning. I saw a few episodes of Mula sa Puso, but I thought it’s the same as all the other dramas. I’m looking forward to “Alta” though. I love Angelica Panganiban.

  5. NHK says:

    I sometimes read your blogs. I read them because I get some useful infos and I find some topics interesting, but I can’t help but notice that sometimes you like to make negative comments about Filipinos or the way we do things in the Philippines like this one:

    “Iā€™m not curious to see it, after reading some reviews from fans that the Philippine remake is better (maybe not technically).”

    “Maybe not technically”???
    Ah, maybe you have a background in cinematography to say that a Filipino remake of a Korean drama is not as “technically” good as the original… or maybe you’re one of those Filipinas who think that we Filipinos are never good enough.

    • Betchay says:

      No I don’t have a background in cinematography. I don’t know what “maybe” means to you though.

      sometimes you like to make negative comments about Filipinos or the way we do things in the Philippines” – Oh it’s because I love the Philippines and like a true friend to another or a mom to her child, I see its flaws and I want it to be better. Too bad I couldn’t really do anything except pay tax and buy its products and support a citizen or two ;p

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

      • Annp says:

        Betchay, I understand what you meant about the Philippine remake not quite at par “technically” with some Korean tele-novelas. Korean tele-novelas receive a lot of financial support through sponsors and you can see this in the big production they make out of their tele-novelas. They invest a lot….location, wardrobe, special effects. While we are not there yet, I’m pleased with the progress that the Philippines is making towards achieving the same. I think we’re on the right track.

  6. luv4vintage says:

    its funny that u remembered Anne from TGIS, that was ages ago. if my memory serves me right, she couldn’t even speak Tagalog fluently then and yet she played a girl from a poor family (or was it another series?). her acting has improved since and moving to abs-cbn, gave her better opportunities to hone her acting skills. i am not a big fan but i know that she’s way talented compared to some of her peers. šŸ™‚

  7. Faith says:

    i didn’t know this was a korean remake! i didn’t watch it, but wow! the reviews are really positive…

  8. Sam says:

    After finishing ‘Personal Taste’ I happened to watch a clip with Tagalog voice-over (as ‘A Perfect Match’). I found it curiously entertaining and ended up watching most of it with Filipino dialogue!

  9. akishta says:

    I didn’t watch the Korean version of green rose but this pinoy version, i love it, especially echo is there!!So sad cause there is only 4 days left..But i love if they will make a pinoy version of Boys Over Flower. After all there were already japanese, taiwan and korean version, why not this time Philippine version naman….

  10. suppledexplorer says:

    hello Betchay

    Ive watched the Korean version Of Green Rose…and was really impatient that time to know who’s the real culprit was.. and ended myself goggling the story LOL:)Anyhow since Filipino started remaking Korean dramas (Only You,Lovers in paris,Full House,Stairway to Heaven Endless Love etc ect)..So far Green Rose is the best remake Filipino has done….probably because they didnt change anything in the story..its exactly a carbon copy of Korean version….and the casts (Korean people) got involve in the story. Hope they will do the same on their upcoming Korean drama remake.

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  12. Mere says:

    Betchay, maybe you can include in your shop dvds of korean dramas dubbed in pilipino or filipino remakes of korean tv dramas. i will order from you; i don’t know any site in phil., or they sell it one dvd per episode or two. sangkaterba. why don’t they put 8 dvds in one case? children of half-filipino families can learn their pilipino that way; watching with mom filipino dramas.

  13. this teleserye is so addicting, i love it!

  14. Annp says:

    Saw the final episode today…gripping ending!

  15. Senna says:

    I disagree. For me, the Korean version will always be better than the Philippine one. Why? Because Go Soo was brilliant as the tragic Lee Jung-hyun. From the moment he was convicted of arson and murder…to the suicide of his mother…to his suffering in Shanghai…to his rise to power…to his first meeting with Oh Soo-ah after 4 years…to his fight for justice…I felt his pain even with just the expression in his eyes. He was very subtle in his acting but it made me feel empathy towards his character. With Jericho Rosales, hmm, his acting was powerful as well…at least in the first part. But I was sorely disappointed when he became “Lee Jung Suh”. I thought he was rather indifferent. Of course, I know the new rich persona HAD to be indifferent but in the Korean version, I loved seeing Lee Jung-hyun’s inward struggles especially whenever he spent time with his Soo-ah. He was distant towards her but you can still see how much it hurts him. In the Pinoy one, I didn’t see that *struggle*. And it annoyed me why Jericho there too expressive of his feelings for Angela when it wasn’t even the right time for him to profess his love again. I mean, hello, he had to clear his name first before he could reunite with her because that’s what his mother had given her life for. And I also preferred Lee Da Hae’s acting more than Anne Curtis. Although it was reasonable why Anne made Angela that way (rebellious and stuff) because she was a rich girl after all, I didn’t like her snottiness there. And I was disappointed with that scene where they met again too. It was like blah, unlike that scene between Go Soo and Lee Da Hae where I was like holding my breath. Her expression was just so believable. I liked Jake Cuenca as the villain though (more than his Korean counterpart I guess). He was good.

  16. Senna says:

    And oh yeah, I recommend that you (the blogger) watch the Korean one. It’s really one of the best Asian dramas I’ve ever seen.

  17. where can I get a copy of green rose-filipino version?

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